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Are 2 Fans Enough for a Gaming PC? Answer May Surprise You!

Almost every gamer has the problem of an overheating gaming PC. When you run a heavy game for hours, the PC becomes hot due to the power it generates continuously. Thus, it is highly important to use an enough cooling system in the PC; otherwise, the lifespan of the PC will be shorter. So, you might be curious about the exact number of fans your gaming PC requires. Are 2 fans enough for a gaming PC? Today, our discussion will flow on this doubt. We have clearly described how many fans you need in order to have a cool gaming PC. So, keep reading till the end!

How does a Case Fan Work?

Case fans are located inside the PC. When you turn on the PC, case fans start to flush out the air from inside your PC. So, it helps to circulate cool air within the unit. As a result, the heat that the PC generates is eliminated without delay. Thus, case fans are a necessary part of a gaming PC. When there is a proper cooling system, the game can run smoothly.

There are two types of fans inside the PC, exhaust fan and intake fan. While the exhaust fan removes the excessive air, the intake fan circulates the cooling effect.

There is another method to control the heat in your gaming PC; it is liquid cooling. Both case fans and liquid cooling are good at cooling down the PC. However, liquid cooling is pricier than case fans. And also, you can easily maintain the case fans.

How Many Fans Does a Gaming PC Need?

As a general recommendation, 3 fans can work better in a gaming PC. When there are 3 fans, the heat is regulated well. Thus, the components inside the PC get enough cooling effect.

In general, the exhaust fans are located on the back panel, while the intake fans are on the front panel. The fans on the front panel are responsible for the intake of fresh air.

On the other hand, fans on the back panel act as the exhaust system that remove the excessive heat. It would be better to have 3 fans; It is because only one exhaust fan cannot cool the system; indeed, it can damage the CPU.

However, there should be enough space for 3 fans inside your PC because you require slots for the installation. The number of fans is determined by the case.

When we observe a traditional PC, we can mostly see 2 or 3 intake fans and a single exhaust fan on the back panel or roof of the unit.

Are 2 Fans Enough for a Gaming PC? 

Two case fans are the minimum requirement for a gaming PC to stay cool. 2 fans can provide optimal cooling, but the ideal number of fans is 3 when we consider the heavy duty of a gaming PC.

If you use a low-end gaming PC, there is nothing wrong with 2 fans; they will be enough. That means 2 fans can keep the system cool only if you play lightweight games. And the PCs that are used for general purposes also contain two fans.

You can install One intake fan on the front panel and one exhaust fan on the back panel or roof of the PC. Most of the time, the ratio is 1: 1 in low-end PCs. Nevertheless, you are encouraged to increase the number of fans if you use high-powered hardware.

What Happens If I Use Multiple Fans in the Gaming PC?

You may think that more fans are better for your unit. But the truth is that multiple case fans can bring s negative effect on your PC because stacking can hinder the airflow instead of improving it. Here, what happens is one fan can disturb the process of another fan. As a result, there will be less amount of air inside the PC.

Especially if you install multiple intake fans, they will pull too much airflow. Therefore, the exhaust fans will be unable to eliminate the air. Consequently, the excessive air can remain inside the unit as long as you run the machine. Moreover, the dust can spread and build up here and there.

Thus, you should avoid stacking the unit with a lot of fans since it does not bring any positive effect except causing other issues.

Do you Set Fans at Maximum Speed in Your Gaming PC

Do you Set Fans at Maximum Speed in Your Gaming PC?

Your next doubt will be the speed of fans. It is okay to set your case fans at maximum speed since they can manage the airflow quickly. However, there are some issues behind this action. Firstly, you will notice that the PC makes a lot of noise due to the fans that are running at maximum speed.

The next problem is the highest speed can negatively affect the lifespan of fans. When the case fans run heavily for a long time, they can wear out quickly.

Due to these issues, adjusting the fan settings is vital. Normally, it is recommended to set the speed between 900 to 1000 RPM. Then, your PC will get enough airflow, but it will not make a huge noise. However, if you run the machine for hours, you can speed up the fans for a few minutes to cool down the PC quickly. You can consider the heat generated by your unit when deciding the speed of the fans.

What Size of Fans Do you Use for Gaming PC?

Mainly there are two sizes of fans, 140mm fans and 120mm fans. When we consider their spinning speed, 120mm fans are the winner. Since 140mm fans are bigger, they spin slower than 120mm fans. 120mm fans can spin around 1200 RPM. In contrast, 140mm fans can spin around 1000 RPM.

When the fan spins faster, it can eliminate the hot air faster. Similarly, the fresh air can circulate inside the unit without delay.

What’s more, 120mm fans can reduce the dust and dirt inside the machine due to their proper pressure. But again, you should consider the size of your unit; if it is larger, it might need larger fans.

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