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Can ReadyBoost Give Your Gaming PC a Boost? Let’s Investigate

ReadyBoost is a widely-used tool to enhance the performance of Windows PC. Basically, it can help to speed up your computer’s activities. You might be interested to know ReadyBoost’s efficiency in gaming because some video games take a long time to load on the PC. If ReadyBoost can help to solve this issue, there is no need of additional RAMs. Does ReadyBoost help gaming? Today we will focus on how ReadyBoost can back up playing games in this blog post. So, keep reading; you will be able to know whether ReadyBoost is useful in gaming or not.

What is ReadyBoost, and How Does it Work? 

ReadyBoost is a caching tool that was introduced by Microsoft Windows Vista. So, you can only use it on a higher OS like Windows Vista. It can cache the data on the disks speedier than the internal drives. Thus, the computer can read the data from fast media. Accordingly, ReadyBoost helps to boost performance, especially when Live Tasks need higher input and output rates. For example, when you open a larger application, it does not take so long, unlike internal disk drives. And also, you can open documents and images faster.

It acts as a cache between your hard drive and RAM to enhance the performance. The memory in USB devices and external flash memory is used by ReadyBoost as an extension. Thus, ReadyBoost helps to avoid using additional RAMs on PCs. The memory that you use with ReadyBoost should be thrice higher than the RAM in your PC, according to Microsoft recommendations.

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How does ReadyBoost Affect Gaming Performance? 

There is no direct advantageous effect of ReadyBoost for playing games. However, you can utilize it for a better gaming experience. All you need is a fast USB connection or a flash drive. Then it can cache the RAM and increase the speed of the game on the hard drive. Because The game application has the chance to read from a fast disk, it has not to wait for data that come from a slow memory module. Thus, if you use the physical disk to play games, ReadyBoost will help to offer performance boosts to some extent.

But remember to use an external device that contains enough space; otherwise, your attempt will be unsuccessful. It should have at least 256 MB of free space. Another requirement is adequate battery power. So, remember to supply uninterrupted power as long as you use ReadyBoost.

When you do not need these data further, Windows remove those files from the cache.

How to Set up ReadyBoost for Gaming? 

There are only a few steps to enable ReadyBoost on your PC, so you will be able to set up ReadyBoost within a few minutes. Follow these instructions.

  1. First, go to the start menu and open the ‘System Properties.’
  2. Tap on ‘ReadyBoost.’
  3. Then you will see the list of connected devices. Then tap on the relevant USB or flash drive. If your device is a medium-sized one, it will be allocated up to 256 MB for ReadyBoost to operate the cache. When there is a larger device, it will be allocated a smaller space.
  4. Next, check whether your backup is configured without any issues. You should not allow it to delete the data from your USB or flash drive. If that feature has been enabled, make sure to turn it off.
  5. You need to operate the ReadyBoost cache regularly using a performance monitor. Then you will not have to face any issues while playing live games.
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Does ReadyBoost Increase RAM? 

ReadyBoost does not increase the space of your current RAM. If your current RAM is already full, you can use ReadyBoost because it acts as a cache for your RAM on the Windows PC. So you do not have to use an additional RAM. If you have a Windows 10 PC, you will need 4 GB RAM. But its performance can be slow because of the disk swapping. The memory on the RAM is removed when you shut the PC; similarly, ReadyBoost will not store the data. Thus, you are encouraged to use ReadyBoost.

Does ReadyBoost Increase RAM? 

Can ReadyBoost Slow Down the System? 

ReadyBoost is used to speed up the Windows OS when its RAM is full. But you need to use a faster external device in order to speed up the operation system. And also, if the current RAM is smaller, ReadyBoost has to put much effort into increasing the performance. However, there is no evidence that ReadyBoost slows down the system rather than speeding up.

Does ReadyBoost Make HDD faster? 

Some of you might use physical disks (HDDs) to play games. When an HDD is used as a primary storage device, ReadyBoost will offer certain performance boosts. But there is something to keep in mind. Your games should be held on SSD drives. Especially if there are games with demanding requirements, you need to use SSD drives. Moreover, if there is a traditional HDD, it will not be able to work properly since it might be slower in reading than SDD.

Is ReadyBoost Good for 4GB RAM? 

In fact, the memory stick or flash drive you are going to use needs to be 1 to 3 times in size of your RAM. When there is 4GB RAM on your computer, the ReadyBoost will not show a considerable difference. When you run different kinds of programs and games on your computer, you need to have enough space for a cache. And check the formatting of your drive. When you have set its formatting as FAT32, you can only use 4GB RAM.

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Is ReadyBoost Good for 8GB RAM?

According to the ratio between the cache and RAM, you are able to make a cache of 8 to 20 GB using ReadyBoost when you have 8GB RAM. Therefore, we could say that ReadyBoost is good for 8GB RAM. If you run several programs at the same time, ReadyBoost can back up your work. But check whether your computer has an HDD or SDD. The reason why, SDD is slower when compared to the HDD.

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