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Does the Steam Deck have a Microphone? Exploring the Microphone Feature!

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When you are going to buy a gaming console, there might be several considerations for choosing the best one. Since you play games on such a device, visuals and sounds are key things to improve the overall gaming experience. If there is a microphone on the console, you can give voice commands and enjoy playing better. Steam Deck from Valve is a popular gaming console due to its cool features. So, does the Steam Deck have a microphone? If you are keen to buy a Steam Deck, you might have this doubt. So, join our discussion.

Does the Steam Deck Come with a Built-in Microphone?

Yes, Steam Deck comes with built-in microphones. Thus, you are able to play games online with other gamers. However, your game needs to be worked on Valve’s handheld.

There are two microphones on the display of Steam Deck. These mics can be used to record the voice as well as recognize and remove background sounds. The mic of Steam Deck can sound different in voice chat. But it is possible to easily run Discord in your background. The best part of this mic is it can record the sounds clearly, and you can operate it very easily.

In addition, you are able to adjust the microphone settings using the Steam app as you wish. Besides, there are multiple benefits of the microphone of Steam Deck; they are mentioned in the sections below.

Where is the Mic on the Steam Deck?

You can find the mic of your Steam Deck on its display. Those two microphones are located on the top of the console, close to the speaker. They are tiny notches that facilitate you to record your voice. Since they are located top of the console, you can easily access them. That is one of the main advantages of the microphone of Steam Deck.

How Do I Turn on My Mic on Steam Deck?

Here is the procedure you should follow in order to turn on the mic on your Steam Deck.

  1. Go to the Steam application on your phone and open the Steam Deck tab.
  2. Then, a list will appear; choose the first option, which is the microphone settings.
  3. Tap on the microphone icon. You have successfully turned on the microphone on Steam Deck.

When you want to turn off the microphone, step on the same path. Go to the settings menu on the Steam app again and tap on the microphone icon. Then, open the options menu and choose ‘Voice Chat’ to turn it off.

How to Use the Microphone on a Steam Deck?

When you want to use the microphone on a Steam Deck, here is all you need to do. There is a button to press on the display. So, press it and speak into your microphone.

Then your voice will be recorded by the speakers. After you finish talking, your recording will be automatically stopped by the microphone. When you want to turn off your microphone, just tap the microphone button.

This microphone is useful when you want to talk to other players while you are playing the game online. Moreover, it is possible to chat with gamers in the room. Moreover, there are some other uses of this microphone, such as recording the notes in a presentation and so on.

Can I Use Steam Deck’s Microphone for In-game Communication or Voice Chat?

Yes, if you are playing an online game with your friends, you have to communicate with others. So, you can use the microphone of Steam Deck for in-game communication.

All you need to do is press the button and speak to the console. What’s more, it is possible to send voice messages to the voice chat in Steam Deck. Thus, you can express your ideas within a second.

How does the Microphone Quality on the Steam Deck Compare to Other Devices?

The microphone of Steam Deck can also be used for other purposes. It is possible to record your voice for blog posts, podcasts, etc. In addition, you can take notes using the microphone when you are in meetings or other presentations.

Most importantly, this tool is compatible with other devices such as smartphones, laptops, etc. Therefore, you can transfer your files onto other devices without any difficulty. And it is possible to easily access your microphone using any device. But some other devices in the market can only be used with the device that has its app.

There are different options in the settings tab. The volume of the microphone can be adjusted or even muted whenever it is necessary.

And this microphone can be used by anyone because it is easy to set up as well as operate. Some other devices are designed with more complex procedures to use microphones.

Last but not least, the device is durable, so you can use its microphone for a long time too.

Does the Steam Deck Support Background Noise Cancellation for the Microphone

Does the Steam Deck Support Background Noise Cancellation for the Microphone?

Yes, one of the best features of the microphone of Steam Deck is it can identify background noises and eliminate them. This quality is highly beneficial, especially if you want to record a clear voice cut.

When you speak with your friend while playing the game, there will not be any interruptions in the background to disturb.

Can I Connect an External Microphone to the Steam Deck for Better Audio Quality?

It is possible to use a Steam Deck headset for better audio quality. Anyways, you have to purchase it additionally. Moreover, there are some other headsets that are compatible with Steam Deck microphones, such as SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7. In order to make the connection between the headset and Steam Deck, you have to go to the settings tab on the Steam app and allow the headset to pair with Steam Deck.

However, you are not able to use other external devices like earphones with a built-in microphone. If you connect an earphone, you will not be able to speak to your friend until you remove it. Thus, if you are on the team of earphones, unfortunately, the Steam Deck microphone is not for you.  

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