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How Long does It Take to Charge Steam Deck? Charging the Steam Deck!

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One of the major questions is the time that Steam Deck takes to charge fully among the gamers because it is terrible to recharge the console again and again during game time. If you are going to purchase a brand-new Steam Deck, it needs to be charged for a particular period before you use too. To maintain the battery for a long time, it is vital to charge the console at the right time. We will be discussing all these factors in this blog post. Thus, you will no longer have doubts regarding the charging session of Steam Deck. How long does it take to charge Steam Deck? To know the answer, keep reading!

How Long does It Take to Charge Steam Deck for the First Time?

After you buy a Steam Deck, you should plug it in for at least 15 minutes in order to wake up the console because it is in battery-saving shipment mode. And make sure to use the provided power supply to charge the console.

After you charge it for the first time, you can check the LED light near the charging port to find whether the console is charging or not. Until the charging process is completed, that indicator light will flash.

What is the Usual Charging Time for the Steam Deck?

In general, Steam Deck can take 3 hours to fully charge if the battery percentage of your console is 0%. Thus, most people plug the console in to charge overnight.

After it is fully charged, the console itself stops further charging. Therefore, the device or the battery will not be damaged. If the battery is low again, it starts to recharge.

Steam Deck has a 5313mAh battery which can provide enough brightness to play games because Steam Deck needs at least 45W of power to perform the best. However, the battery life is limited to 1.5 to 2 hours. Thus, if you use it daily, you have to charge the console daily too.

Is Steam Deck Fast Charging?

USB power delivery is utilized by Steam Deck. So, there are no features for fast charging or quick charge specifications on the console. As we mentioned above, you have to wait 3 hours to charge the console fully.

If your Steam Deck does not charge within that time or it is unresponsive, there are some steps you can follow for troubleshooting.

First, check whether there is any update to do. Or else, you can restart your console and see whether the console receives power. When compared to the other consoles, Steam Deck charges slowly.

How to Tell When Steam Deck is Fully Charged?

When you connect the console to the power source, the LED light on the console will start to flash. You can see this LED light indicator till the console is fully charged since it indicates Steam Deck is receiving the power.

When it is completely charged, there will not be a light indicator; that is how you know whether your Steam Deck is fully charged.

And also, if the battery is dead, the LED light will flash too when you try to turn the Steam Deck on. Then, you should connect it to a power source to charge it.

Can you Play Steam Deck While It is Charging?

Yes, it is okay to play Steam Deck while it is plugged in to charge. It does not damage your console. However, there is a drawback if you keep playing during the console’s charging time.

The reason why, Steam Deck can take more time to complete charging if you keep playing. Especially if you play a game that consumes a lot of power, the console might struggle to store the battery power.

As a result, your electricity bill can increase too; therefore, it is wise to leave the console until it is fully charged.

does steam deck stop charging at 100%

Does Steam Deck Stop Charging at 100%?

After you leave the console for charging, it will be charged until it reaches 100% of battery life if it is not being used at that time.

If you are not able to remove the console from the power outlet at this moment, it can start to leak power until the battery hits 90% of the power.

The reason why, the battery can be stressed at the stage of 100% power. Thus, its battery percentage will remain at 90% to 100% until you remove it.

What is the Battery Life of the Steam Deck on a Single Charge?

Unfortunately, the lifespan of the battery of Steam Deck is lower when compared to other consoles like Nintendo.

If you play games that need to consume a lot of power, the battery life of the console will be only one and a half hours. In case you play games that have a low power consumption, you can save the battery for up to 4 hours.

Therefore, you are highly encouraged to buy a compatible power bank for your Steam Deck. Otherwise, you will have to plug in the console often, depending on your game time.

The capacity of the Steam Deck battery is 40Wh. Thus, the capacity is good enough for a console. But, Since the AMD APU in the console is strong enough to consume the battery of the console.

Are There any Factors that Can Affect the Charging Time of the Steam Deck?

Basically, if you use Steam Deck while charging, it can affect the charging time of the console. There are some games that consume a lot of power.

If you play such a game during the charging time, the console can take more time to complete the charging. And also, make sure to use a compatible cable and power adapter to charge the console. If you do not have the Steam Deck charger at the moment, it can be charged using USB-C.

Steam Deck needs 45W out of the charger minimally. If you want to use a power bank, do research and buy a compatible one because some of the power banks that are used for mobile phones might not be suitable for Steam Deck.

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