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How to Change the Brightness on PS4? Brighten Up Your Gaming!

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The PS4 is not among the well-sold items in the market nowadays. Now there are more advanced and developed devices that are updated devices of the PS4 or newly introduced devices with more functions. But the PS4 has some hidden secrets that might be unknown to you. How to change the brightness on PS4? You can change the brightness on PS4 by going through the settings menu. This is the basic answer to the heart of this article. We will give you more information regarding the topic in this article.

What is the Importance of Changing Brightness on Ps4?

Changing the brightness on PS4 is important for many reasons.

  • You can play games with better graphics. Changing the brightness settings according to your preference makes you interested in playing the game. You can watch the graphics with improved colors and animations.
  • You can watch your favorite TV show and movie clearly. In the entertainment section of the PS4, we can choose TV shows or movies to watch. So, changing the brightness will make the display the best to watch them comfortably.
  • No harm to eyes. If there is a fixed brightness level for the PS4, you won’t be able to change the brightness. And if your eyesight is poor, it won’t be comfortable to use to do any activity.
  • You can adjust the brightness according to the surrounding light. If you are using the PS4 at night when the lights are off, a higher brightness level will irritate you. So, you can change it to your likeness.

Why is My PS4 Screen So Dark?

According to what I found, there are two common reasons to get your PS4 screen dark.

  1. The brightness setting of the PS4 is decreased. If the brightness level is low on your PS4 screen, it will get dark. So, check the brightness level from the settings of the PS4.
  2. The other reason is the issue with the TV settings. Change the input source on TV settings to troubleshoot this issue. If it doesn’t work, refer to the user manual or set the settings to their default. Also, look for the output settings of the HDMI.

How to Access the Display Settings on your PS4

How to Access the Display Settings on your PS4?

Given below is a step-by-step guide to accessing the display or screen settings on your PS4.

  1. Select “Control Panel” by moving the icons on the dashboard.
  2. A list of icons will appear horizontally. Choose “Settings” by moving the icons to the right. Settings of your PS4 will open.
  3. Find “Sound and screen” and select it.
  4. There, you can find “Display Area Settings.” Click on it to access the display settings on your PS4.

That’s all. You can adjust the display area from there. You can access and select the things by using your console.

How to Change Brightness on PS4?

Here’s the main topic and the answer to your question.

Please note that only some games have the option to increase the brightness. And from the settings on your PS4, you can’t change the brightness. You can adjust the resolution, RGB range, HDR, and other settings through settings. For that, you have to choose “Video Output Settings” from the “Sound and Screen” settings in the settings of your PS4.

Therefore, you can change the TV settings to increase the brightness. Here are the steps to change the brightness on PS4.

  1. Get your TV remote and press the button to access the menu.
  2. Select “Picture,” and a list of options that you can change by yourself will appear. The list provides you with Backlight, Contrast, Picture mode, Brightness, etc., to adjust according to your preference.
  3. By using the keys on the remote, select “Brightness” and increase or decrease the brightness level as you prefer. Also, you can change the brightness by adjusting the levels in “Blacklight,” “Contrast,” and other options.

Additionally, if the PS4 is connected to your computer monitor, search for the “Brightness” option on PC settings and adjust the level. This is usually under the “Display” settings.

Why does My PS4 Brightness Keep Changing?

Sometimes, you may have noticed that the brightness of your PS4 keeps changing. This happens because of the Backlight option. There is a function called “Dynamic Backlight Control.” 

And when the subtitles or items in the menu are detected, it changes and adjusts the brightness. Then you will be able to witness that the brightness keeps changing on your PS4.

If this bothers you, there is nothing you can do to avoid it. But still, you can lower or increase the brightness level and blacklight level to your preference. Also, adjust the “Contrast” in your settings.

What are the Available Brightness Settings on the PS4?

There is no setting to adjust the brightness on PS4. But, only some games on the PS4 have the functionality to brightness settings.

You can change the brightness on games such as PS4 Warzone, FIFA 22, GTA 5, etc. But there is no adjustment for brightness on PS4 Cold War. The games with brightness adjustments have a value range to change the brightness inside the games. You can increase or decrease the default value of brightness to your preference.

How to Find the Ideal Brightness Settings for your PS4?

There are no ideal brightness settings for the PS4. You can adjust the settings to make it easier and more comfortable for your visualization. It is on a median level on default. But if you like a darker display, you can lower the brightness level, or if you want to see it brightly increase the brightness level.

You can find the ideal brightness setting for your eyes while adjusting the level. Use the TV settings and computer brightness settings for this, or if you are connected to the PS4 via your mobile phone, you can use third-party apps like Brightness Plus or FocalMax.

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