how to factory reset ps vita

How to Factory Reset PS Vita? (Quick and Easy Tutorial)

One of the most popular handheld gaming systems in the industry is the PS Vita, often known as the Sony PlayStation Vita. Through Remote Play, users may stream PS4 as well as PS3 titles and play more than 1300 games. This practical manual will show you, in stages, “how to factory reset PS Vita.”

Learn how to reformat a PS Vita storage card, erase a PSN account from the device, and restore a PS Vita to its factory settings. If you’re seeking advice, read this piece all the way through.

Why would you Need to Factory Reset a PS Vita?

The PS Vita may occasionally be fixed with a complete reset when you are experiencing troubles with it, such as the console being frozen, unconscious, or refusing to turn on.

A PlayStation may be put back in its original, brand-new state by performing a factory reset. Perhaps you wish to trade or buy your PS, or it frequently freezes, malfunctions, or crashes.

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Maybe you wish to replace the internal hard disk in your PS. Or perhaps you’re purchasing a secondhand PS and wish to make sure it’s free of spyware.

Consider completely resetting the PS when you’re concerned that it may be infected with harmful software. A complete reset might remove any virus from your PS if you feel something has happened, such as the fact that your PS is acting strangely.

Whenever you perform a factory reset on your PS structure, all saved configurations and data are erased. Make cautious not to accidentally erase any vital data because this operation cannot be reversed.

How to Factory Reset a PS Vita: Step-by-Step Guide

Simply adhere to the following instructions to do so.

PS Vita should be Turned Off

You must manually launch Safe Mode in order to perform different diagnostics and debugging operations on your PS Vita. Turn off the PS Vita to access Safe Mode.

Every R-Trigger, L-Trigger, Left stick, as well as Right stick, Should All be Pressed and Held Simultaneously

The r-button, power switch, as well as PlayStation key all need to be pressed and held simultaneously.

Hold these Controls Down While Pressing the PS Button

Press the buttons after waiting for a menu to display on the screen.

Hit Restore the PS Vita System

Choose “Restore the PS Vita System,” the sixth item from the Safe Mode screen. By doing this, all material and information on the Vita will be deleted, and its initial configuration will be restored.

Choose “Yes” to Approve the Reset

The machine is going to fully reset following the procedure is done.

Make cautious to back up any crucial data before starting this process because it will erase it completely from the Vita.

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The system is going to be returned to its original default settings when you’ve finished the hard changes, and every last piece of your personal information will be deleted.

How Do I Delete My PSN Account on Vita

How Do I Delete My PSN Account on Vita?

  1. Go to and log into the account that you wish to remove. Utilizing the options on the Vita, you may additionally decide to deactivate it.
  2. Immediately after logging in, a tab titled “Devices” will appear at the highest point of your page. Just click it.
  3. On the following page, on the left side of the display, there is a list that reads “PlayStation Systems.” Toggle that.
  4. You’ll be sent to the accounts-related gadgets. Select the Vita you wish to turn off by clicking.
  5. You’ll be sent to an interface with the click “Deactivate.” Toggle it.
  6. Navigate to Settings on the Vita.
  7. “Restore Vita System” may be selected by clicking Format. You will have the decision of whether to reformat the card or not.
  8. Configure the Vita for the account which you intend to use by restarting it.

How Do I Format my PS Vita Memory Card?

To reformat a memory card to support the PS Vita structure, perform what came next with the card that needs to be converted and placed in your system.

  1. Choose a format.
  2. Click the Format Memory Card button.
  3. To finish the process, follow the on-screen directions.

Another option is to utilize the Backup and Restore highlight in the System preferences of the PS Vita. Choose “Delete All Data” from the Recovery and Backup page.

To erase a PS Vita storage card, switch it on first, then put it into the correct card socket. Then, choose Settings, followed by System Settings. You’ll see Memory Card there, so click “Clear Memory Card” to wipe all on the data card.

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The storage card’s contents will be completely erased if you format it. Take precautions not to accidentally destroy any essential data because this action cannot be reversed. During the partitioning process, refrain from removing the storage card or switching off the electricity to your PC.

What is PlayStation Reset Mode?

As you begin your PlayStation console into safe mode, it will only conduct the essential operations required to run the machine. Whenever the control panel boots in secure mode, there are various tools accessible that you may use to diagnose the system.

Start Up PS

Once safe mode has been ended, the console will get back normally.

Change Management

By doing so, you can modify the video quality that is produced for the PS screen.

The Software for the System should be Updated

Provides a single click and USB stick options for updating the PS system.

Reset All Settings to their Initial State

By doing this, the PS is going to reset to its factory settings, wiping all of its data in the process.

Build a New Dataset

The PS is going to examine the disk and reconstruct the records of the system’s information.

PS Must be Started

All of your information will be deleted, plus the PS will resume in its default settings.

Reinstall Platform (PS) from Scratch

Both the PS software and all of the information will be destroyed.

How Do you Reset a Locked PlayStation?

The PlayStation managing accounts page is where you may change your PSN login. You will be prompted by the website to provide your login information; fear not. You are able to disregard this. Select Trouble Checking In near the bottom in its place.

  1. Initiating the password reset for the PlayStation system
  2. Then choose to Change your password.
  3. Press the Send Email button after entering your email information.
  4. Select Change Password in the emailed message you get.

After that, Sony will ask you a private question to ensure certain that it’s you. Answer it to show that you are who you say you are, then change your login information.

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