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How to Fix a PS4 Struck by Lightning? (Expert Tips & Techniques)

Have you ever been devastated to learn that a bolt of lightning made your beloved PS4 completely useless? Many gamers regularly have this problem. How to fix a PS4 struck by lightning?

You’ll discover in this post how lightning and thunderstorms could impact the PS4. Discover the effects of a lightning strike on a PS4 and how much it will cost to repair it.

Can a PS4 be Struck by Lightning?

Undoubtedly, lightning may harm a PS4. A PS4 might experience several kinds of harm when used during a rainstorm.

Power outages and lightning storms possess a chance to damage the motherboard’s electrical supply or additional parts.

The PS4 gaming system probably won’t switch on right away if there has been a recent thunderstorm or voltage surge.

A thunder strike’s sudden surge of energy might physically damage the device by melting or distorting its components. There might be severe, permanent damage as a result.

Can You Use a PS4 During a Thunderstorm?

Using a PS4 during a storm is normally not advisable due to the likelihood of thunderstorms. Considering a variety of reasons, using a PS4 during a thunderstorm may be unsafe. Lightning, a powerful electrical current, is possible during thunderstorms.

There are a variety of security dangers associated with using a PS4 during a thunderstorm, such as the potential for electrocution and the threat of fires as well as harm to assets.

It’s got the power to badly harm electrical devices like a PS4 and kill people. Ensure that your computer is connected to a reliable surge protector. Your odds of surviving an unpleasant energy surge increase with increasing joules.

What Happens to a PS4 When Struck by Lightning?

The integrated power surge prevents the gaming system from melting down and will typically switch the panel off appropriately if the voltage rises over the allowed threshold or if lightning occurs.

Surge safeguards are primarily designed to handle power surges coming from local powerlines. Perhaps not much lightning. A lightning storm constitutes one of the planet’s most potent sources of energy, but no one can control it.

Electrical plus nonelectrical equipment in the house will sustain considerable damage from an actual lightning hit.

This frequently causes a fire to start, frequently in the electrical systems of the partitions or the attic. The surge protector often cannot safeguard gadgets that are hooked into a power supply that is directly struck by lightning.

The more frequent occurrence is for cables or pipes that reach outside the house to be struck by adjacent lightning and enter the house. Overall, damage from such an occurrence is more minor than injury from a direct hit.

Is It Safe to Attempt Repairs on a Lightning-Struck PS4?

It may have been damaged by the lightning hit. Therefore you should have an expert peek at it. You won’t know until you’ve had it examined to determine whether it can be repaired or not.

Having a PS4 experiencing lightning strikes might be frustrating and even expensive. But it is frequently feasible to identify the problem and fix the device to get it running again by adhering to the required processes and utilizing the right tools.

Terminal repairs performed by the user run with the possibility of causing additional damage and voiding any current warranties. If you’re not comfortable doing the repairs yourself, take the device to a professional repair shop or contact Sony for assistance.

If you’ve found that your console has suffered lightning harm, it might be possible to have it fixed if the harm is contained to a single component or can be easily fixed by swapping out some internal components.

How to Fix a PS4 Struck by Lightning?

Determine the Level of the Damage

Unplug the device even if it appears to be working well so that you may check for any evident signs of damage. If the device is only partially functional, you must assess the damage and determine if it is able to be fixed.

Put the Device in Again to Let It Cool

If the machinery exceeds its temperature, you must unplug it and wait to allow it to chill down before making any modifications. The machinery will be easier to use as well as less probable to cause more damage as a result.

Search for Any Overt Signs of Damage

The item likely needs to be repaired or replaced when it has some evident damage.

Look Into the Power Supply

The power supply has to be checked if the device won’t turn on. Make sure the electrical line is securely attached to the PS4’s back and the wall outlet.

Examine the HDMI Port

If the device isn’t displaying any visuals, the HDMI port has to be checked. Now double-check that the HDMI cord is securely attached to the backs of the PS4 and the TV.

Repair or Substitute Any Malfunctioning Parts

If you’re certain the thing has cracked and are comfortable trying to fix it, bring back all bits and pieces.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Fried PS4

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Fried PS4?

The cost of repairing a PS4 often varies depending on the issue it has. Minor problems might cost anything from $50 to $100. More significant problems might cost up to $200.

The manufacturer will either fix or substitute your PS4 for permitted if it is still covered under the guarantee. Expect to pay $99 in service charges when submitting the PlayStation 4 to an approved repair facility.

If your neighborhood repair shop has the necessary components, the price is probably reasonable. If there aren’t any approved repair facilities nearby, shipping expenses will be included in repair rates.

What Can Damage a PS4 Power Supply?

  • A problem with the inner electrical unit is brought on by filth, dust, and even insects getting inside.
  • Power surge-related problems with PS4 parts, including the fuse and battery management processor.
  • Issues with the PS4 power button.
  • Power cable problems with the PS4.
  • An issue with the PS4’s power cable connector.
  • An outlet or electrical strip that is broken.

Before sending your PS4 in to feed repair or throwing it away, it could be worthwhile to attempt to pinpoint the power feed issue.

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