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How to Fix PS4 Stick Drift ? Reviving Your Controller

A controller’s joystick is a crucial component for some controls and motion in video games. Joystick drift is one of the most prominent flaws that it can have. This piece provides instructions on “how to fix stick drift PS4”.

This guide’s objective is to enable serious gamers to correct stick drift on their controls utilizing cleaning, testing, and component replacement techniques. Learn how to identify stick drift controller issues and avoid them.

What is Stick Drift and Why Does it Happen on PS4 Controllers?

Stick drift is essentially when the stick controller appears to operate independently. The joystick has almost certainly acquired drift if you notice that you’re within the game avatar keeps gazing about on its own or if the weapon keeps firing without you ever pulling the trigger.

It may be highly unpleasant and, at worst, damaging to your ability to play using a drifting controller.

Debris, like dust as well as additional particles, are the primary natural source of controller drift. The controller may begin to wander as a result of food fragments, pet fur, as well as dead skin accumulating inside of it.

Normal wear and tear is another factor that might cause your controller to begin drifting. Your console’s internal modules deteriorate faster the more you; please use it.

The shorter lifespan of later controller versions is intended to persuade you to replace them more regularly. The primary lesson is that particularly when you’ve used a game controller for some time, joystick drift will occur soon.

How to Diagnose stick Drift on a PS4 Controller?

Analog stick drift is probably the cause of the issue if the avatar or the camera continues to move when you don’t have contact with the controller in any way. Even if none of the buttons are touched, things will still move around the screen.

The movement you make in arcade games may change without your control due to joystick drift, which may be annoying.

Has the remote control been handled with dirty hands or kept inappropriately on a trip? Both could result in contaminants getting into places they shouldn’t. In any event, even those best-designed controls are susceptible to drifting due to outside forces. As a result, stick drift is significantly more likely to occur on your controller.

How to Fix Stick Drift on a PS4 Controller using Cleaning Methods?

It’s possible that the control unit has dirt trapped inside. You’ll need a piece of cotton, wiping alcohol, plus a compressor for cleaning the remote.

Initially, disconnect it and turn it off by holding down the PS click for ten seconds. Your analog stick should then be cleaned, especially at the base, using just a few drops of rubbing alcohol on using a cotton sample or soft towel. To clean a larger area, slide the stick about as you work. Wait until the alcohol has dried entirely prior to continuing to the next step.

Before using, take the compressed air cleaner and give it a good shake. Push the physical joystick to one side while holding the air duster upright. The control surface will be covered with pressurized air. Avoid placing it too close, as your joystick can become frozen.

Although the control unit is in excellent condition, giving it a monthly spray using compressed air will maintain it fresh and extend its life.

How to Fix Stick Drift on a PS4 Controller Using Calibration Methods?

Eliminating potential causes should be the initial step in any repair if drift develops. The controller features a useful calibration option in its settings that will enable it to determine the precise location of the stick’s neutral position.

Drift makes a controller believe that the neutral location is drifting around since the neutral location represents the stick’s sitting position.

Initially, confirm that the controller is properly calibrated. Visit Settings to complete this. Calibrate Controller may be found under Devices, Controls, and Controllers. The device’s controller must be calibrated by pressing and holding the calibration key while moving the joystick in every direction.

You might need to adjust the controller on your PS4 when it isn’t operating properly. On the gaming device, press and hold both the PS and Options buttons at a single time. Afterward, select “Adjust Device Settings” as well as “Controller Calibration.” To reset the device, adhere to the directions displayed on the screen.

How to fix stick drift on a PS4 controller using calibration methods?

How to Fix Stick Drift on a PS4 Controller by Replacing Parts?

Perhaps there is a problem with the joysticks. This is most likely the case if none of the above measures were successful.

The joysticks may be changed by you, the controller can be returned, or you can purchase a new one. Remember that if anyone touches your controller with a screwdriver, your guarantee will be void.

You will require a tool for solder-eliminating tape and tiny tools for replacing both of the joysticks with the potentiometer.

  • Remove your controller’s rear by unscrewing the little screws there.
  • The battery should be disconnected after carefully opening your controller.
  • Remove the controller’s nut slowly by unscrewing it from the motherboard.
  • The potentiometer must be de-soldered before being taken from the motherboards.
  • Verify that the connections are connected properly, and insert your new potentiometer into the appropriate location.
  • The controller will function perfectly once you reassemble it.

Even though it might seem difficult at first, replacing the joysticks with a gaming device is straightforward once you’ve absorbed the knowledge.

How to Prevent Stick Drift on a PS4 Controller?

Making sure that it isn’t actively exposed to anything that could be flying in the atmosphere is the easiest approach to avoid stick drift. Furthermore, we advise against snacking while playing video games. Even though it might be tempting, you risk getting food particles stuck in the handle.

Treating the controller as a brand-new car each time it is used is the best way to delay drift. Throwing your controller is a horrible decision, whether you’re bored or angry. Contrarily, it is a wise notion to handle the joysticks with the utmost caution. Although it might not completely stop the eventual drift, doing the right thing will extend the good times.

The games that are played can have a big impact on the joystick’s lifespan. Certain games will place a controller via arduous tests. The only method to stop this wear is to never play any input-intensive games.

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