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How to Force Shut Down Steam Deck? (Quick Guide)

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It is a common scenario that most electronic devices need to be forcefully closed if there is an issue. If you are a gamer, you might have faced this case with your Steam Deck. When your Steam Deck does not respond, or you are in a rush to shut down the Steam Deck, what can you do? Today, we will be explaining how to force shut down Steam Deck in our blog post. Luckily, there are some different techniques you can follow to exit the game without harming the console. To know each and every solution, move on to the paragraphs below.

Why would you Need to Force Shut Down Steam Deck? 

In general, Steam Deck does not require force to shut down. But sometimes, it can be unresponsive while you are playing a game.

Especially if you have been playing for hours, the game can be stuck from time to time. Since there is a crash in the game, the console is not responsive at all; as a result, you are not allowed to access SteamOS.

Then you have to shut down the console. And also, when there is a temporary glitch in the system, it can be frozen. Moreover, if there is a hardware issue, you have to force shut down your Steam Deck.

However, force close is not the correct way to shut down the Steam Deck. You should use the option called ‘Exit Game’ and turn off the console correctly. If you have no choice, follow the methods mentioned below.

How do I Force a Frozen Steam Deck to Shut Down? 

These are the major methods you can follow to force a frozen Steam Deck to shut down within a few seconds.

  1. Use the Steam Button Shortcut – this one is the easiest method to force your console. Press the steam button with the B button at once. It will be enough to keep pressing the buttons for up to 5 seconds. Then the game will automatically be closed on your console. And you will be led to the home page of Steam Deck again.
  2. Use Linux Window Switcher – If you have enabled the desktop mode, it is possible to move the cursor with your trackpads. So, move the cursor to the left corner above and push. After that, you should click the trackpad down. Then a Linux window switcher will appear. It will show a red-colored X mark. When you click on it, the application will be closed.
  3. Check your Micro SD Card – if you were playing a game on your SD card, remove it for a while. Then, try to run the game again from your internal memory. If there are no more freezing problems, your micro SD card might be the cause for freezing your Steam Deck. So, always try to use an original micro SD A2 card.

How to Shut Down the Steam Deck When the Force Close is Not Working? 

Restarting the Steam Deck is the last solution you can try. If the above methods cannot be applicable, try to restart your Steam Deck. All you need to do is to keep pressing the power button of your Steam Deck.

It will be enough to hold the button for up to 12 seconds. Then, the entire system will be shut down quickly. After that, wait a few minutes and turn on your console and see whether the problem is solved. The system will be refreshed by a restart. Thus, you can eliminate any temporary glitches.

If restarting is not enough to make your Steam Deck normal, sometimes there may be a hardware issue. So, visit a professional and diagnose whether there is a hardware glitch.

What are the Potential Risks of Force Shutting Down the Steam Deck

What are the Potential Risks of Force Shutting Down the Steam Deck? 

You should not force close your Steam Deck without reason. The reason why, there are two potential risks when you force shutting down.

The first thing is it can corrupt your game files on the console. Then, you may have to download your games again. Or else force shutting down can corrupt your saved data, such as your score and so on. Then you will lose your progress in the game.

These scenarios are annoying if you are involved in playing keenly. Thus, make sure to use the above methods if the console cannot be handled at all. Otherwise, you can wait a few seconds and see whether the game becomes unfreeze.

How to Perform a Force Shutdown on the Steam Deck without Affecting your Games? 

As we discussed earlier, there are some risks of losing your game data when a freezing issue happens. Thus, it is advisable to use an original SD card on your Steam Deck and play the games.

Although the internal memory of the console was erased, the data on your SD will not vanish. And you can avoid the risk of losing game data on your Steam Deck if you have updated the console.

How to Avoid Steam Deck from Freezing?

It would be better to check the game’s compatibility rating before you play it on Steam Deck. Then, you can get a clear idea about its suitability. Since the Steam Deck is a console, you can use it for your PC games. You are able to access them by logging into the Steam account.

It is the place where your Steam Deck’s library exists. When you want to check the compatibility of a specific game, you can filter the compatibility rating in your libraries. Accordingly, you can determine the suitability of games on the Steam Deck and arrange your play sessions.

It is highly recommended to play the games that are verified to play on Steam Deck. Non-verified games can cause freezing issues. Although some games can be played on your PC, they may not be compatible with the Steam Deck.

If you are using outdated firmware, there might be temporary glitches in your Steam Deck too. Therefore, check for any updates in the settings regularly and keep the console up-to-date.

And you are encouraged to use a genuine SD A2 if you find that your SD card is the culprit of freezing the system.

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