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How to Get Aim Assist on PC? Exploring Aim Assist Options for PC!

Any gamer loves to use an aim assist when playing shooting games because it helps to target enemies and eliminate them. Especially if you are new to shooting games, the support of aim assist is really beneficial. However, most of the time, it does not come as a built-in feature since it works as a controller. But there are some methods you can try to have an aim assist on your personal computer. Today, we will be explaining how to get aim assist on pc in this blog post. If you follow the below-mentioned procedure correctly, it will be only a 5-minute work. 

What is Aim Assist, and How does it Work? 

Aim assist has been designed to apply to gaming controllers. When you use an aim assist, you are able to keep your crosshair directed to your target.

In other words, you can easily hit the target while shooting. Most console games come with aim assists more than pc games.

There is a misconception that the aim assists act as a cheat mode for game playing, but it is not true. However, the players are not allowed to matchmaking to play with other gamers. 

Aim Assist has been programmed to track enemies automatically. And aim assist comes in three different ways. Bullet magnetism, crosshair drag and auto-aim/ aimbots are those types of aim assists. 

This feature is highly beneficial when you play games such as Fortnite, Halo Infinite, etc. And users have found that the aim assist works better on pc because it can be controlled using the keyboard and mouse easier than other consoles. 

Can you Get Aim Assist on PC? 

Mostly, console games come with aim assist more than pc games. But you can use either an external hardware device or a gaming controller in order to use the aim assist on your pc.

If you like to use an external device, it is possible to use a USB or another accessory that is compatible with the controller. The software on the device will identify the game you are playing. 

The method you should use to get the aim assist cannot be the same every time. The reason why, the option of aim assist is located in different places in different games. Mostly, it can be in the settings menu in a game. 

 Read the sections below to find out the exact procedures. 

What Games have Aim Assist on PC

What Games have Aim Assist on PC? 

If you use the pc for gaming, these games can be played with an aim assist. 

  1. Call of Duty
  2. Halo Infinite
  3. Fortnite
  4. GTA V – you can use an aim assist to online play this game. But then the other players also need to have aim assists. 
  5. Destiny 

All these games are exciting as well as budget-friendly games that you can play with a form of aim assist. Most modern game developers tend to allow the aim assist on pc since this feature works better on personal computers. Thus, we can hope that other demanding games can be played on pc in future. 

 How to Get Aim Assist on a PC Using External Hardware?

Adhere to this method to get aim assist if you wish to use external hardware to get the aim assist.

  1. Connect your USB device to the controller. Or else you can use a separate attachable accessory. 
  2. Then find the built-in software that is able to recognize the game. Go to the settings of the game and activate the aim assist. 
  3. Customize your aim assist depending on the shooting that is going to be used. 
  4. If you want to install updated customization settings on pc, those are available for most games that are created by pro players. You can visit their social media platforms in order to download those settings on your pc. 

How to Get Aim Assist on PC Using a Gaming Controller?

If you wish to use a gaming controller, follow this method. The mouse and controller need to be connected to the pc simultaneously. Here we describe the method using the game Fortnite. 

  1. Go to the settings tab in the game Fortnite.
  2. Next, you should check the controller settings. If they are not enabled by default, enable it.
  3. The ‘Legacy Lock Controls’ feature should be turned off. 
  4. Go to controller settings again and tap on ‘Dead Zone.’
  5. You will see a thumbstick there. You need to reduce the number of Dead Zone to 0.05.
  6. Now press the thumbstick. Then the aim assist will be enabled. 

How Do I Turn On the Aim Assist Controller on My PC? 

The process of turning on the aim assist controller varies from one game to the other. Most of the time, the settings menu of each game carries the option to turn on aim assist. But gamers believe that the developer hid the aim assist option since it is a somewhat advanced feature. Thus, sometimes, you have to open the advanced settings of the game you are going to play.

Mostly, you can find the place where the settings of aim assist if you visit the official website of the game. 

How Strong is Aim Assist on PC? 

According to the users’ experiences, aim assist works better on pc when compared to other consoles. Thus, you are able to aim your enemies using an aim assist easily if you use the pc. And PS5 is considered the weakest console to use an aim assist. So, there is nothing to worry about the strength of aim assist on pc. Most pro gamers use aim assist with their keyboard and mouse. 

Is Aim Assist Better than a Mouse? 

The task of aim assist can also be done with your mouse. However, it is pretty difficult to aim at the target only using the mouse. Indeed, you need to pay your whole attention when you play with the mouse. But when it comes to the aim assist, it helps you to direct towards the target since it has already been designed to track the enemies. Therefore, it is worth using an aim assist instead of using just the mouse when you are playing games. 

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