how to get land deeds in hay day

How to Get Land Deeds in Hay Day? Mastering Land Deed Collection!

Hay Day is an online game created by Supercell, a Finnish video game company, in 2012. By 2018 the game has generated over 2 billion in revenue with downloads of over 1 billion. Besides Hay Day, Supercell is responsible for popular mobile games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach, and Brawl Stars. Hay Day is a social game, and the participants can interact with each other by competing, helping, and trading.

The game is about building farms and developing them. Achieving this goal requires a lot of resources, and a land deed is one of them. Land dead is considered one of the rare resources, and this article discusses how to get land deeds on Hay Day.

What are Land Deeds in Hay Day?

In Hay Day, land deeds are a resource that will enable the player to expand the farm, which gives more space for buildings, crops, and animals.

The fishing lake gives more space and expands the business and town with more shops. The area expansion will depend on the no of deeds. The player will have to spend 2 – 10 land deeds to expand, depending on the size of the area.

The land deeds are stored in the barn and can only be used after experience level 22. The land deeds are hard to get and should be used only with proper planning.

Why is It So Hard to Get Land Deeds?

Though a player gets other rewards, such as diamonds, coins, materials, etc., by completing quests and tasks, a land deed is a rare reward that must be earned by completing many complex tasks and quests. The deeds are only sometimes available in shops.

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A player can only use a land deed after unlocking the experience level 22. Players play for weeks or even months to get into the required experience level, and as deeds are not for direct sale, a player has to complete many pretty challenging quests.

Players will have to win quite complex derby tasks that offer land deeds. Participate in global events that sometimes offer land deeds as rewards.

Go through daily papers for advertisements that sell land deeds or wait for a generous neighbor or a friend to gift a land deed. Very rarely, they will be available for sale in roadside shops.

How to Get Land Deeds in Hay Day?

Land deeds are not directly purchased, but packets are available for 12 diamonds that might hold a land deed. Sometimes deeds are available to purchase from roadside shops or newspaper ads for 1 to 403 coins. Apart from the above, deeds will be randomly given when completing the following tasks.

  • Harvest crops
  • Collect products or animal goods

Items collected from production buildings and animal farm products

  • Cut down trees and bushes.

Trees produce 13 fruits in four harvests, Beehive trees produce 250 drops of nectar, and a bush produces 250 drops of nectar. After the cycle, trees and bushes have to be cut down.

  • Feed pets
  • Open mystery boxes and mystery packages

He needs to spend diamonds to open the boxes most of the time. Diamonds, coins, vouchers, supplies, and boosters are in the box. Mystery packages can be won by using gift cards which can be earned by helping neighbors.

  • Spin the Wheel of Fortune.
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A truck with a wheel of fortune comes to each farm every day at midnight UTC

  • participate in global events.
  • By fully satisfying a town visitor.

A town visitor is a non-player character who comes every 6 hrs.

  • Win prizes in derbies.

Limited events happen in neighborhoods. A neighborhood is a group of 1 to 30 people.

  • Use mystery nets in the fishing lake
  • Watch a Night at the Movies trailer

Players can use tickets to get prices

  • Redeem tokens in the Valley shop
  • requested in the Neighborhood.

What is the Best Method to Get Hay Day Land Deeds?

As mentioned, land deeds in hay day are a rare resource that will enable the player to expand the farm, fishing lake, and business and town with more shops. Land deeds are only sometimes available at roadside shops. A player can earn land deeds by the methods described below.

  • Complete Quests – The quests that reward with land deeds are brutal.
  • Win Derby Tasks – Lite the quests. These tasks are pretty tricky.
  • Participate in Global Events – Global events sometimes offer land deeds for completing them. Like in quests, these events are pretty challenging.
  • Purchase Them from the Newspaper Advertisements – Sometimes Land deeds are advertised in newspapers, which is a chance that should not be missed.
  • Receive them As a Gift – Land deeds can also be received as gifts from other players.
  • Purchase from Roadside Shops of Other Players. – Could be pretty expensive.

How Much does It Cost to Buy Land Deeds on Hay Day

How Much does It Cost to Buy Land Deeds on Hay Day?

Buying a land deed is more complex than buying other resources in the game, as land deeds are rarely available. There are two ways to buy land deeds on Hay Day.

  • Newspaper advertisements – If available, They could be purchased by tapping the advertisement.
  • From other Players – This could be done by going to the Land Deed option on the trade menu, By selecting and sending a trade offer to the seller.
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The price of a land deed depends on supply and demand. If there is a high demand, the prices will go up. The maximum price that could be set for a land deed on a newspaper advertisement is 100 diamonds.

Expansion Permit vs Land Deeds

Both Expansion permits and land deeds can expand the farm. The expansion permit only works on the areas marked for expansion on the map, and with land deeds, a player can expand any part required. As mentioned before, land deeds are considered a rare resource.

Still, when compared with expansion permits, land deeds are considered a shared resource as the expansion permits can only be purchased by other players or when found in newspapers.

Land deeds are a better way to expand the farm as they are easier to find than expansion permits and can be used to expand any farm area except for areas marked for expansion which can only be expanded using an expansion permit.   

Tips and Tricks to Get Land Deeds Easily

There are no quick and easy ways to get land deeds in hay day. Since land deeds are rarely available in the shops, a player could purchase a packet for 12 diamonds. The best way to try for a land deed is to follow the tips below.

  • Complete as many quests and derby tasks as possible – This will help a player to have more chances to get a deed as a reward.
  • Check the newspaper Advertisements – Land deeds are sometimes advertised.
  • Punches or get as gifts from other players or friends – They could be expensive if purchased.
  • Participate in global events – Sometimes deeds are given as rewards.
  • Be patient and use wisely – Collecting the required deeds may take time. Deeds should be used with a good plan.

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