how to level up faster in hay day

Leveling Up in Hay Day: Get Ahead of the Game

Today, we are going to discuss how to level up faster in Hay Day. In order to level up, you need to gather Hay Day experience points. But how do you earn points faster? Keep reading to know all possible ways if you are willing to level up within no time.

Hay Day is one of the most popular games around the world because it suits any age level. It is a farming game, and all you need to do is improve your farm by managing the crops and animals. Then you can level up the game and experience new things on your farm.

Why is Leveling Up Important on Hay Day? 

As in any other game, when you level up in Hay Day, you are allowed to unlock new features in the game, such as new animals, machines, areas, and items. Therefore, it is important to gather more experience and level up your farm. Then you can enjoy the game better, creating a wonderful farm with more items.

And when you progress in Hay Day, the upcoming levels become more difficult. Then, you need to acquire some more items like the bakery to run the farm smoothly. If you wish to unlock those features, you have to gain more experience and level up the game.

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Understanding the Basics of Hay Day 

Hay Day is a farming game. You need to improve your farm in order to step to the next level. There are so many tasks you have to do on your farm, such as harvesting, managing your livestock, filling up customers’ orders, etc. There are different kinds of plants, such as wheat, corn, etc. And you can have animals such as cows, piggies, chicken, etc. Accordingly, this game is interesting because it teaches how to manage time and resources.

When you complete tasks on your farm, you can get blue stars which are known as Hay Day experience points (XP). You should collect a certain number of XP in order to level up the game. The amount of XP varies from level to level. The more you level up, the more you need XPs. The amount of XP you need is shown in the bar at the top of the page near your current level. This is the very basic rule in this game.

How to Effectively Manage Crops and Animals on Hay Day? 

These tips will help you to effectively manage everything on Hay Day.

  • Manage the number of seeds. The reason why, if you plant seeds carelessly to gain more profit, you may be stuck when you want to spend diamonds for new seeds.
  • Always plants slow-growing seeds like pumpkin during your night to save time. You can plant fast-growing seeds while you play the game and sell.
  • If you want to own a pet, you can use a roadside shop without waiting to unlock the particular level.
  • If you are unable to spend time with visitors, it is okay to ignore them. It does not affect badly on your progress. If you worry about ignoring them, use the roadside stand and sell the visitors to your friends.
  • Always go for the orders that bring you higher experience points. Even though it makes less cash, you can earn more points.
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How to Effectively Manage Crops and Animals on Hay Day? 

How to Level Up Faster in Hay Day 

There are a few possible ways to earn more XP and level up the game. We have clearly listed them below so you can choose whatever method fits you. 

Since you need to collect experience points to level up, the procedure can be slow. If you want to make leveling up faster, follow these methods.

  1. Experience booster 

You can use the experience booster in Hay Day to turn on the XP accelerator. When you activate this feature, all the XP amount you have gained will increase by 1.5 times. You can find the booster button in the lower corner on the right side of the screen.

  1. Events 

The upcoming events in Hay Day are informed through Hay Day’s official Facebook and Twitter pages. So, you can check them in advance and prepare for those events. Most of the time, there are double XP order events. The order will be turned into purple and pointed out that the XP can be doubled. So do not miss them; complete your orders.

  1. Plant wheat

Wheat is the fastest harvesting crop on Hay Day. Thus, if you plant and harvest wheat as much as possible, you can earn more XPs. But this method is time-consuming.

What Gives you the Most XP on Hay Day? 

  1. Harvesting crops – you can grow and harvest wheat which is the fastest crop on Hay Day. And also, carrot is a good choice because it is a trending crop. After the harvesting, plant them over and over again for selling. This is the most common method to get more XP on Hay Day.
  2. Fulfilling truck or boat orders – choose the orders that give you a higher XP than coins and fulfill them rapidly. Moreover, there are town visitors who come to buy your crops.
  3. Reviving trees – when you revive the trees and bushes on the farm, you can earn XPs.
  4. Crafting items – there are production buildings on the farm. If you can craft items in the buildings, you can collect XPs.
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What is the Easiest Way to Get XP on Hay Day? 

You can use the Hay Day bot on your Android 7.0+ devices and Windows PCs. It is a safe method and works automatically to earn XPs. It will not make any changes to in-game data, but the bot can simulate the overall operation in the game. This bot can enter Hay Day and play continuously, although the game crashes without reason.

All you need to do it to run it in the background. First, the Game Bots app should be downloaded and installed. After you grant permission for the bot, the Hay Day bot will work. You need to set it before running the game. To set up this bot, arrange the field of your farm. Then tick the functions on the main page. Thirdly, choose the crop and rows as you wish. Next, set the ‘sell crops’ details.

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