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How to Open Oculus Quest 2 Controller? Don’t Panic!

Have you possessed any knowledge of the type of batteries used by or how to alter the Oculus Quest 2 remotes? Considering its straightforward design, a lot of customers have been searching “How to open Oculus Quest 2 Controller?” on Google. We are happy you found this article if you happen to be among them.

By the time you finish reading this article, you will understand how to disassemble the Oculus Quest 2 Controller, take out the screws, split the two pieces, inspect the interior components, and put it back together.

How Do You Remove the Battery Cover of Oculus Quest 2 Controller?

Pick your gadget, then adhere to the instructions listed below for setting it up.

  • The virtual eject sign should be facing up while you grasp the Oculus Quest 2 control.
  • For access to the ejector compartment, push it onward and away from yourself.
  • By doing this, you can see the battery chamber. To show the dead power source, unplug it.
  • Get rid of the AA cell.

The power compartment is located under the controls on the bottom portion of the Quest 2 consoles. If you look closely, you may see an outline on the control panel that resembles a gap.

Every console’s grip’s left side houses the battery opening. Look for a little eject indicator or button on every controller handle to find it. It can take a while till you find the symbols because they are hazy. If you can’t locate it, that’s alright.

The hard plastic cover must be taken off, which is not an easy process. Although the plate may give way readily in some controls, others may call for quite a bit of power. But be careful not to put too much stress on the lid since it can crack.

If opening the space for the battery using the palm of your hand proves to be challenging, try using a screwdriver with a flat head and a chef’s knife to push it out.

How Do You Remove the Screws of Oculus Quest 2 Controller?

A flathead as well as Phillips headed screwdriver, as well as other equipment are required to get begun.

Use your thumbs or another object to carefully remove the power source from the charging box after opening it. And, Use the nails on your fingers, or anything pointed, like a pair of pliers, to remove the three papers covering the screws.

Use a tiny Torx screwdriver to remove the three T5 Torx bolts from beneath the stickers.

Utilizing an identical Torx screwdriver, take out the fourth screw that is affixed to the cell container’s top within the hole.

With the aid of a spudger or sharp screwdriver, carefully peel the faceplate off. It could be a bit challenging when taking off the plate for the first time because it adheres to the wall.

  • Five T5 Torx fasteners must be removed.
  • Lengthier black T5 nut should be removed.
  • Two shorter T5 screws should be removed.
  • One long silvery T5 screw should be removed.

How Do You Separate the Two Halves of the Quest 2 Controller?

To accomplish this, pull it off utilizing a knife or tiny flathead screwdriver, after which the thumbstick may be easily removed.

The material notch must be forced open with a screwdriver or spudger. The palms of your hands should be used to carefully pull the case away toward the console’s center, beginning with the side lacking the notch.

For separating the pieces, follow the procedures below a little carefully since there exists a plastic needle that has been fitted into a hole.

Move the left part of the grip out of the remote using the palms of your hands. Push the stick’s right hand regarding the direction of the body while maintaining command of the left edge. The right portion may now be removed by sliding it to the opposite side.

How Do You Separate the Two Halves of the Quest 2 Controller

How Do You Access the Internal Components of Oculus Quest 2 Controller?

The printed circuit board (PCB) removal procedure is shown below.

Cut the ribbon off. The power source caddy may be removed using a little effort. A ribbon wire is used to link this component to the PCB. Before removing it, you must first unplug this connection from the PCB.

Two screws keeping the top plate attached must be exposed by removing the outer plastic ring.

There must be two visible screws beneath the PCB after the outer ring has been removed. These ought to be the last front plating mounts left.

Use forceps or a spatula to gently pry the cables off from the highest of the PCB. The PCB’s lid is secured, with the last few screws being removed.

The strip of wire that connects the PCB with the rings will remain in place. The ribbon wire should be carefully removed from PCB. You ought to have been able to take out the PCB at this juncture.

How Do You Reassemble the Oculus Quest 2 Controller?

If you want to rebuild your gadget, follow these directions backward.

Utilize contact cleanser for cleaning the components within the gadget once it has been disassembled. The sensor needs to be cleaned the most. Use a small paintbrush to scrub it after putting contact cleanser on it.

To assemble it again, follow the directions in reverse. Reassembling several of the parts, particularly the component that wraps around the trigger, requires a little dexterity. Verify that none of the ribbons were disconnected.

  • Place the camera within the headset once again with care.
  • In order to secure the camera, tighten the two screws.
  • Attach the cable after attaching the speaker.
  • Screw onto the speaker’s four supporting screws.
  • Glue the lens to the foam insertion.
  • Insert the display inside the earbuds carefully.
  • The two bolts holding the LCD in place must be tightened.
  • Place the rear panel with care.
  • The headphone’s four screws should be tightened.
  • Put the battery in place.
  • Set the Oculus Quest 2 to on.

Now that you’ve put the Oculus Quest 2 helmet back together, congratulations!

Reminder: Secure the screws using a Phillips head screwdriver. Avoid overtightening them to avoid stripping the bolts’ threads or harming the control panel’s plastics.


Unlocking the Oculus Quest 2 remote is a helpful skill to have for debugging or maintenance. Anyone may learn ways to access the controller safely and correctly without doing any harm by adhering to the straightforward instructions provided in this post. Constantly use the right tools for the work, be cautious, and respect your time.

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