how to transfer ps4 data to ps5 without ps4

How to Transfer PS4 Data to PS5 without PS4? (No PS4? No Problem!)

You may move all of your PS4 save data and practically any PS4 games to your freshly purchased PS5 when you’ve recently switched from a PS4 to a PS5. This tutorial will show you several possible methods for moving data from a PS4 to a PS5, as well as “How to transfer PS4 data to PS5 without PS4”.

Several PS4 owners are unsure about how to move their files onto their PS5 since a greater number of PS4 users are switching to the PS5. We simplify things by guiding you via this straightforward procedure!

How Should I Get Ready for the Transfer Procedure?

  • Sign in using the identical account that is used to access the console where you’re going.
  • Install the most recent version of the computer’s software.
  • Sync the data you have on your trophies.

Join the consoles at your location and connect them to the identical network. Utilize Wi-Fi or Ethernet cables that are readily accessible in the marketplace to connect.

When transferring data, avoid turning off your source as well as target consoles. This might lead to data loss or destruction.

While data is being sent, avoid adjusting network configurations or testing your connection to the internet.

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This might lead to data loss or destruction. A single PS4 or PS5 system may send data to another PS5 console.

How Do you Move Information Stored On a PS4 to a PS5?

Upgrade PS4’s Operating System

The account you intend to use both your PS5 and your PS4 must both be active.

Additionally, you must confirm that the PS4 has the most recent software.

The PS4 as well as the PS5 should be connected to the identical network.

Sign in with the same profile you intend to use on the PlayStation 5 on the PlayStation 4.

Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable should be used to join the two machines to an identical network. Yet, since an Ethernet cable is required to link the two systems, joining over Wi-Fi is simpler.

The transmission is quicker with an Ethernet relationship, although it is not required. Wi-Fi can be used for everything.

Navigate to Settings on your PS5

Move to the PS5 after your PS4 is configured.

By choosing the cog located on the top-right side of the display, choose options.

Choose System

In your Settings, it ought to be the sixth item in the list.

Click Data Transfer after selecting System Software with the right mouse button

Tap on the D-Pad immediately; System Software ought to be near the very top. After that, select Data Transfer, which ought to be the sixth option below.

When asked, click Continue

Two pop-up notifications will then appear and instruct you to prepare your PS4 console. Just click Proceed when requested because these steps ought to have already been finished.

When your PS4 has Been Found, Press and Hold the Power Key for a Few Seconds

The PS5 will then recognize your PS4 system. In such case, the PS5 will give you instructions to press and hold the PS4’s power switch for a moment till it beeps. The PS5 will begin loading every one of your information when this is finished.

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Choose the Files you Wish to Transfer to the PS5, then Click Start Transfer

After that, you will get a list of information that may be transmitted. This covers installations, saving data, as well as more. Simply tap “Select all” to choose each piece of information to transmit to the PS5. Choose to begin Transfer when you are satisfied with your decision. Following the completion of the data move, your PS5 will resume.

How to Transfer PS4 Data to PS5 without PS4?

PS Plus online storage may be used to download PS4 saved data. The PS4 save information will probably have been transferred to the cloud immediately when you have a PS Plus subscription.

Turn up the PlayStation 4 and go to Preferences > Application Information Management > Stored Data within Systems Storage > Transfer to Online Memory if it hasn’t already done so. Click “yes” after choosing the saved file you wish to upload.

Go to Properties > Saved Information and Game/App Options and choose Saved Data (PS4) > Cloud Storage in order to transfer your PS4 save information to your PS5 console.

The choice to “Download to Console Storage” will subsequently be displayed; choose it to view all of your accessible save folders for download to the PS5’s controller storage.

It is up to the developer to choose whether or not to make all save information functional with the PlayStation 5.

How Can PS4 Save Files Be Transferred Using a USB Memory Device

How Can PS4 Save Files Be Transferred Using a USB Memory Device?

You need a portable storage device to do this, such as a USB-connected hard drive and memory stick. Check your device’s recall, then place it inside your PS4.

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You may then choose Copy to USB Memory Device under Saved Information in System Storage under Settings > Program Saved Information Management. Select all the saved files you wish to transfer over for every game you intend to enjoy on the PlayStation 5.

The USB memory should be removed after the contents have been downloaded, so make certain your PS4 is running the most recent update before you go.

Put the USB stick into the PlayStation 5 at this time. The files must be explicitly copied from the USB port to the PS5’s internal memory because they won’t be automatically recognized.

On the PlayStation 4, go to Configuration > Saved Info and Game/App Controls > Saved Settings and choose Copy onto Console Storage from the USB Storage drop-down menu.

Once everything has been verified, you can simply start your PS4 match, and if you try to load your saved documents, it should display them.

This provides a different way to get your saved files to display on the PS5 if you don’t have a connection to your online storage owing to an absence of internet or an absence of a PS Plus membership.


How to Obtain Game through PlayStation Plus?

These game settings are available for download from your current cloud storage if you have a PS Plus subscription.

Go to Options > Saved Information and Game/App Options > Stored Data (PS4) > Online Storage and determine Download to Handheld Storage of your PS5. The game files you wish to download ought to be an option.

You must upload the information from your previous console when you can’t find the games you’ve been searching for.

On the PlayStation 4, you may carry out this action by going to Settings > Program Saved Data Administration > Saved Information in System Memory > Transfer to Online Store. Return to your PS5’s cloud-based storage page and attempt saving the files there once more.

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