how to win tanks on imessage

How to Win Tanks On iMessage? Conquer the Battlefield!

Tanks is an online game that is played between real people. It can only be played using the GamePigeion app released in 2016. The GamePigeion app is an extension to the iMessage instant messenger. Since the Tanks game is accessible through iMessage, it only works on the Apple platform. GamePigeion is one of the most widely used apps among Apple users, and Tanks is one of the most played games on the forum. The task of the game is to destroy the other tank without being destroyed. As two honest people are behind the tanks, surviving the game is a challenge. This article discusses how to win tanks on iMessage. And what tanks are and how to play the game.

What is Tanks Game On iMessage?

Imessage is a secure instant messaging service with end-to-end encryption on the Apple platform. Apart from its security, it gives high-quality images and videos, stickers, GIFs, emoji, group messaging, read receipts, and typing indicators.

To gather with GamePigeion (an iMessage extension), iMessage allows its users to play online games. There are more than 20 games on the network, and once the GamePigeion extension is installed, the user can access the games.

Tank is a simple but challenging game where one can invite another user on the same platform. This game aims to destroy other tanks without being destroyed.

Though this is a simple game without high-end graphics, multiple options, and weapons, it requires patience, strategy, and practice to survive the competition. To destroy a tank, the user can use bombs, rockets, land mines, dirt removers, and slingers.

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How Do you Set Up Tanks On iMessage?

There are some requirements to set up and play tanks on a device. Though the steps below are not required every time to play the game, Messenger and GamePigeion must be activated at the initial stage.

  • Need a device that runs Mac OS or IOS. This is obvious, iMessage runs only on the Apple platform.
  • iMessage instant messenger needs to be set up on the device. This requires to have an Apple ID.
  • The user must enable the messaging once logged in with an Apple ID.

Messages > Settings -> iMessage -> Settings. The user can change the following options and enable the iMessenger.

  • Enable Messages in iCloud – To store the massagers in iCloud.
  • You can be reached for messages at – email addresses or phone numbers to be used for sending and receiving messages.
  • Send read receipts – Allows the others to receive confirmation.
  • Start new conversations from – The email address or the phone number to start further discussions.
  • The GamePigeon extension is required to be installed. This can be done by
    • App Store -> GamePigeon

How to Play Tanks On iMessage?

As explained, one will need a device with an Apple platform to play the game. A valid Apple ID is required to set up the iMessage, and the GamePigeon extension to iMessage needs to be downloaded and installed. The below steps show how to send an invitation and play the game.

  • Open iMessage
  • Choose a Contact to play the game with.
  • Tap the Plus sign (+) button.
  • Tap on More and choose GamePigeon.
  • Choose Tanks game from the game list
  • Tap on the arrow to send the request to your friend.
  • Once accepted, the play will commence.
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The objective of the game is to destroy the other tank. There are bombs, rockets, land mines, dirt removers, and slingers to destroy the other tank, and the tank has three lives. The user can choose either flat or valley terrain to fight. The castle between the two tanks works as a cover and an obstacle. When firing, the castle size and the wind’s direction should be considered. And also, the wind   

How to Win Tanks On iMessage?              

The opponent is the main reason it is hard to win when playing tanks on iMessages. The opponent is a real human being, not a computer program with a limited skill set to agree with the level the game is being played. A person will have specific skills not limited to the game level.

A person can predict the other player’s actions and react to them quickly. Moreover, a person will play to win or at least defend the tank for an extended period and can purchase boosts.

Choosing a too-skilled opponent will be as bad as choosing a weak person. If the tank is destroyed very quickly, the player will give up the game every time. Selecting a person at the same level helps to have a competitive match.

Being familiar with the game will also be helpful. Practising before starting to compete will allow the user to stay long and win the game.

Essential Tips to Win Tanks Games On iMessage

Essential Tips to Win Tanks Games On iMessage

Some tips will help a user to be competitive and have a fair chance of winning.

  • Practice – Practicing will increase the skill level and give a fair chance of winning.
  • Choosing the Correct Opponent – As stated earlier, choosing a partner at the same level will make the game more exciting and competitive.
  • Taking Defensive Measures – Tanks can use cover from behind a building, tree, hill, or other obstacle to avoid enemy fire. Smoke screens are also an excellent defensive action that will make it harder for the enemy to spot the tank. By making a smoke, a player can move to another place and fire at the enemy tank. Using passive armour will help the tank minimize damage when fired upon. The tank will be less visible to the other player when it is camouflaged. There are more defensive measures like creating a magical wall, using the dirt mover, Choosing the correct terrain, always being on the move, and avoiding Unnecessary Shots.
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Are there Any Codes or Shortcuts?

Some codes can be used when playing tanks in iMessage. Some regulations include invincibility, limitless ammo, Aimbots that can automatically aim, and passing through walls and other barriers.

These codes are called cheat codes or cheats. These codes can give a user an unfair advantage, destroying the game’s competitiveness. Using cheat codes can lead to an account banning by Apple Inc. However, some say using cheat codes is good as it brings more fun and excitement to the game, and others debate that it is unfair and unsportsmanlike.

Using cheat codes will be the only advantage until other people know them. When everybody knows the cheat codes, it will only be on the strategic use of the cheat codes to win the game. It is always better to refrain from employing these codes as the games are all about the excitement of the competition, not the win.

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