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Is a 32-inch Monitor Too Big for Gaming? Finding the Goldilocks Zone!

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The size of the monitor directly affects to achieve an ultimate gaming experience apart from other factors such as the resolution, refresh rate, and so on. There are monitors in different sizes, so you might be confused about what suits you best. Most gamers consider choosing 32-inch monitors due to various reasons. Is a 32-inch monitor too big for gaming? If you need to purchase a brand-new monitor, you might have this problem. Today, we will be discussing the correct size of monitor you should choose for gaming, along with some other important tips in this blog post, so keep scrolling.

Is a 32-inch Monitor Too Large for an Optimal Gaming Experience?

The fact that a 32-inch monitor depends on the game you play. 32-inch is suitable for some gamers, especially those who love playing slow-paced games because a 32-inch monitor can give an immersive gaming experience.

The large screen is able to provide a wide scene of the field. And also, it can take you into the scenery at once. In other words, a 32-inch screen lets you immerse yourself in the game. Thus, if you often play games such as Civilization, Minecraft, and so on, a 32-inch screen will suit you best.

In contrast, a 32-inch monitor is not suitable for playing shooting games, MOBA, and racing games. Indeed, pro gamers often choose screens 25 inches large or smaller for playing games.

The reason why, the information that is displayed on the screen at once can distract your playing, especially if you play fast-paced games. Thus, you can play games like Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Forza, and Dirt Rally with a smaller monitor.

Pros and Cons of Using a 32-inch Monitor for Gaming

Pros and Cons of Using a 32-inch Monitor for Gaming?

These are the pros and cons of 32-inch monitors if you use them for gaming.


  • 32-inch monitors provide a larger space for the field. So, you can allow the game details on the screen as well. You can immerse yourself in the game.
  • 32-inch can present a lot of information at the same time, including a clear map.
  • You are able to maintain enough distance between you and the monitor when you have a larger screen, like 32 inches.


  • Some kinds of fast-paced games cannot be cleverly played on a larger screen like 32-inch because you need to make your hand movements very quickly. When the screen is larger, your movements can take some time.
  • A lot of information, including the larger map on the 32-inch screen, can distract your playing.
  • It will be difficult to maintain your focus when you have a 32-inch screen.
  • You need to make a lot of eye movements.

How does Screen Size Affect Immersion and Visual Experience in Gaming?

The size of the screen you use directly affects the immersion and visual experience in gaming. Most gamers love to immerse themselves in the map or field of the game. This fact is so true for slow-paced games. For example, if you play Hay Day, you have your own farm with a lot of stuff such as plantations, animals, etc. Then you love to have a full visual experience and immerse yourself in your farm. In such cases, it is okay to use a larger screen for playing the game so you can pay attention to every detail. In contrast, if you have a smaller screen, it will not offer immersion much because the field is limited.

What Resolution is Best for a 32-inch Monitor for Gaming?

The resolution is one of the most important things to consider in gaming. If you want to have the best visual quality on your screen, UHD 4K (3840 × 2160) is the resolution you need to apply. It can give you the clearest as well as brightest images. Since the screen is larger, the resolution also needs to be high. Otherwise, the number of pixels stretches on the screen. And when it comes to the aspect ratio, 16: 9 offers the best outcome on the 32-inch screen. 4K monitors are advanced in technology, so they are pricier than other monitors in the market.

Is a 32-inch Monitor Too Big for 1440p Gaming?

1440p is not the ideal resolution for 32-inch monitors. However, most people use 1440p on their 32-inch screens, and they do not find anything wrong with it. But if you look at the screen closer, you will notice that the images are not super clear. Thus, 4k is the best for 32-inch monitors.

If the number of pixels is low, you cannot have clear images on your 32-inch monitor because the pixels have to stretch on a larger screen. Thus, the images look blurred on a 32-inch monitor if it has a native resolution of 1080p.

Can a 32-inch Monitor Cause Eye Strain or Fatigue During Extended Gaming Sessions?

If you play games for hours, you should not use a larger screen like a 32-inch monitor. The reason why, you will have eye strain and fatigue while you are in extended gaming sessions. It is because you have to move your eyes around since the screen is larger. Your eyes travel to look at the details of the screen here and there. Indeed, you need to turn your head as well. Therefore, you will have neck and/or shoulder pain over time. It is not a surprise that you will be tired at the end of the day. This will be uncomfortable, especially if you play every day for a long time.

What is the Ideal Monitor Size for Gaming?

27-inch monitors are considered the perfect size for playing games due to their configuration. Basically, it is not too large or too small; it has an average size. So, it will be suitable for slow-paced as well as fast-paced games.

Most importantly, it is okay to have the native resolution of 1080p on your 27-inch monitor. Since it is not too big, the images will not blur. And also, you can focus on every detail at once since those have not expanded on a larger area. But the 27-inch monitor is able to give you an optimal gaming experience, unlike smaller monitors. It is enough to view a larger field and maps of games.  

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Best Monitor Resolution & Size [24 vs 27 vs 32 inch Monitor] 1080p, 1440p, 4K

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