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Is Stranded Deep Cross Platform Xbox and PC? (Latest Guide)

Cross-playing has changed the game, hasn’t it? You can connect with any of your friends to play video games; it does not matter to use various platforms, so it is so much better than playing games alone. However, all video games have not designed for cross-playing, so you need to know the game’s compatibility before you start playing. Today, we are going to explain to you the cross-playing possibility of one of the most popular video games, Stranded Deep. Is Stranded Deep cross platform Xbox and PC? If you are a gamer who is looking for the answer to this question, join our discussion.

What Means Cross-platform Games? 

Cross-platform games are video games that allow players to connect with each other using different hardware without extra preparation. For instance, if the game is a cross-play compatible one, a Windows PC user is able to connect with a macOS user.

The players can play the game with each other, although the platform is not the same. This gaming functionality is known as cross-play and cross-compatible play as well.

This feature only works on online connections because of the synchronization. And when you play, your in-game profile is in the cloud. Player’s achievements and progress are linked to a particular ID.

This function is highly beneficial since the gaming community has grown. The platforms and geographical locations can no longer disturb connecting each other.

Is Stranded Deep Cross Platform Between Xbox and PC? 

Unfortunately, it is impossible to cross-play Stranded Deep between Xbox and PC. That means a player on Windows PC cannot connect with a player on Xbox. If you use the PC for playing, you can only connect to Linux, Mac, and other PC users. But Stranded Deep is also available on Xbox One without supporting cross-platform playing. Apart from Xbox, Stranded Deep does not support cross-playing on PlayStation.

In fact, Stranded Deep is a somewhat old game, and the cross-playing feature is something relatively new to the gaming field. To enable these kinds of features, developers need to make some extra effort. Thus, cross-playing is not available in each and every game yet, just as in Stranded Deep. In addition, this feature can be challenging to add to some genres, like first-person shooters. In other words, players on various devices may get multiple advantages as well as drawbacks.

Anyways, Stranded Deep is an adventurous oceanic video game by Beam Team Games, and you can play it on any platform.

It has been developed with realistic graphics, sounds, and superb gameplay mechanics. And there are some other platforms you can use to cross-play this game; refer to the below section.

What Platforms does Stranded Deep Support for Cross-platform Play? 

Stranded Deep supports cross-platform play in Steam (PC), Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. If you use one of these OSs, you can connect with other friends who use different hardware and consoles. Apart from Steam, if you install the game using Epic Games, it is possible to cross-play.

When it comes to making the connection between these devices, the method varies from one game to another and one device to another. Follow the specific methods according to your device.

However, most people use Xbox and PlayStation for gaming, so Stranded Deep still needs to be developed. You have to wait for an official announcement from the Stranded Deep website! But do not worry if you do not have a compatible device for cross-playing; Stranded Deep is enjoyable enough to play alone too.

Is Stranded Deep More than Two Players? 

No, maximumly, two players are allowed to play Stranded Deep at once. This number of players is common to all the options for cross-playing Stranded Deep.

While a player uses the keyboard and the mouse, another one can use the controller for playing Split Screen.

It is okay to utilize software to change two keyboards and mice. Indeed, this is a limitation of Stranded Deep when compared with other games like Minecraft. But there may be future developments in this game.

Is Stranded Deep Online or Offline? 

If you want to enable cross-playing, you should have an active Wi-Fi connection. The reason why, you connect with other players, so you have to be within the network. But if you play the game alone, it does not matter if it is offline; all the game data is stored in the hard drive of the device.

Is Stranded Deep Online or Offline

If you use your PC, it is possible to play locally as well. If you play it offline, you should go to the input settings of Stranded Deep and ensure the other player’s input is bound to your controller. Then, a new save slot should be started. If you play the game online, all you need to do is tap on ‘Play Online.’

Best Cross-platform Games Like Stranded Deep 

There are a lot of cross-platform games; these are the top ones.

  1. Aliens: Foretime Elite – the developer is Cold Iron Studios, and this game is a battle against aliens with guns. It supports cross-play on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One.
  2. Among Us – this game supports cross-play on PlayStation, Xbox One, Switch, Windows PC, and mobile devices.
  3. Apex Legends – the cross-play supported devices and consoles are PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Windows PC.
  4. Back 4 Blood – you can cross-play this game on PlayStation, Xbox series, Xbox One, and Windows PC.
  5. Brawlhalla – this one is a lighthearted action game and supports cross-play on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Windows PC, and mobile devices.
  6. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – you can cross-play this game on PlayStation, Xbox series, Xbox One, and Windows PC.
  7. Minecraft – this is another popular game, and it supports cross-playing on the Xbox series, Xbox One, PlayStation, and Windows PC.


Stranded Deep does not support cross-playing between PC and Xbox. But you can cross-play the game on Steam (PC), Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. If you use a cross-play compatible device, you can connect with only one player to play Stranded Deep. When compared with other games, Stranded Deep still needs to be developed.

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