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NVIDIA Shield Remote Not Working – Troubleshooting Made Easy!!!

Shield TV remote controls have seen several revisions throughout the course of time, and the most recent model has more buttons than its forerunner. Since the 2017 approach, Nvidia Shield remotes for televisions have included IR capabilities, enabling you to operate your TV as well as a number of other features. Is your NVIDIA Shield Remote Not Working?

In this post, we’ll explain the reason your NVIDIA Shield remote stopped functioning and what users should do in such a situation.

Why is my NVIDIA Shield Remote Not Working?

Inspect the remote cells as well as restore them if necessary if the Shield TV control isn’t working due to a dead battery. In addition to clearing the cache, refresh the Shield TV as well as the remote.

Resetting the remote after disabling and enabling pairing with the Shield TV. If neither of the aforementioned solutions work, reset the factory settings on the Shield TV. You could require an “NVIDIA Shield remote Replacement” when the issue continues.

What remote can I use for Nvidia Shield? The person in charge NVIDIA Shield TV controller with remote provides the top choice for controlling an Nvidia Shield device.

Are there any known compatibility issues with the NVIDIA Shield remote? These are some of the more frequent ones.

  • You aren’t going to able to operate the handheld device if the batteries are dead or low on power.
  • The remote may cease working if Shield TV hardware is out of date for an extended length of time.
  • If the remote is physically harmed or is impacted by liquid spilled, it will become faulty.
  • The existence of a faulty cache might occasionally cause the device to experience an error.

The remote may be sluggish and have connectivity problems if the batteries are not fully charged. It’s possible that your system is running an out-of-date version that cannot handle the most recent channels and apps you download on the Shield TV.

What should I Do If the NVIDIA Shield Remote is Unresponsive?

It’s not difficult to figure out your NVIDIA Shield controller or remote. The majority of issues can be resolved in a few easy actions. In most circumstances, unplugging and re-plugging your NVIDIA Shield remote is sufficient to make it functional once more.

Check the Batteries

  1. From the house page of the NVIDIA Shield, select the Settings button.
  2. After choosing Remotes & Accessories, choose SHIELD Attachments.
  3. The remote’s power supply will be shown.

You may swap out the old batteries for more recent ones if they’re dead. You are unable to take the batteries out of first-generation handheld devices. Rather, a USB cable may be used to charge it.

Unpair & Re-pairing the Remote

A single NVIDIA Shield control can be paired at once if you have more than one. As a result, you should unpair the current remote before pairing a new one.

  1. Tap on Remotes & Attachments under Settings.
  2. Select SHIELD Accessory.
  3. On your remote, press.
  4. Forget accessories by tapping.
  5. For confirmation, click OK.

You must pair it with the fresh remote to start using it following separating the old one.

Update Shield TV Remote

After you upgrade the software version, the Shield TV control usually gets updated immediately. You may update manually as well.

  1. To choose Remotes & Equipment, select Settings.
  2. Pick SHIELD remote from the list of SHIELD Attachments.
  3. To upgrade the device’s remote to the most recent firmware, click Upgrade Technology.

Reset the Shield TV later, then begin experimenting with the remote.

What should I Do If the NVIDIA Shield Remote is Unresponsive

Reset Bluetooth on Shield TV

Whenever the NVIDIA Shield remote still does not function after re-pairing, it likely is a Bluetooth problem.

  1. Apps may be accessed by clicking Settings on the main screen.
  2. Click Show System Applications after selecting See all apps.
  3. Press Bluetooth, then choose Force Stop.
  4. To be sure, press OK on the following screen.

Repair the handheld device after quitting the program, then check to see whether the issues have been fixed.

Clear Cache on Shield TV

Another cause of the remote’s issues is a faulty cache. As a result, you need manually clear the Bluetooth memory.

  1. Access Settings.
  2. Tap Apps.
  3. Choose to See All Apps.
  4. Then choose Show System Apps.
  5. Select Bluetooth.
  6. Erase the cache.
  7. If asked for confirmation, choose OK.

When the pairing procedure is complete, check to see if the remote is functioning.

Restart NVIDIA Shield TV

It is recommended to reactivate NVIDIA Shield to restore it to its default condition if you are unable to determine the cause of the TV remote’s non-operation. The programs that are installed, including the data they are connected with, won’t be deleted if you restart.

  1. To access settings, select the home panel.
  2. After navigating the menu, choose Restart.

Test your remote’s functionality after rebooting the Shield TV by opening any streamed application.

Where Can I Find Support for my NVIDIA Shield Remote Issues?

Check whether the SHIELD has the most recent system upgrade before utilizing that debugging guide. When the SHIELD is linked to the Internet, the upgrade will be downloaded immediately.

You could discover an answer within the GeForce Experience Boards > SHIELD area if the solutions provided in this article are unable to address your problems.

Please get in touch with NVIDIA support if you’re still having trouble fixing your problems.

What are the Recommended Settings for the NVIDIA Shield Remote?

The SHIELD TV and SHIELD Remote are pre-paired when you receive them. To activate it, just hit the Select key. Complete the directions at connect to connect a brand-new remote to SHIELD.

The Settings icon may be configured to carry out your preferred actions in addition to opening Settings by usual.

Select the Settings beyond Remotes & Accessories in addition to Customize Settings icon to alter the functionality of the Settings icon.

Is it Possible to Replace Specific Buttons on the NVIDIA Shield Remote?

Here are the instructions so you don’t have to spend some time looking for them because redrawing the icon is really short and easy.

  1. On the Shield, download and launch Button Tracker.
  2. You must do as you will be prompted to allow it as an inclusion service.
  3. Click the Netflix icon on the remote control to activate the “Add Buttons” screen, which will then appear.
  4. To personalize it, choose the newly inserted button within the list and switch the option.


How Can I Control My Nvidia Shield TV without a Remote?

Put the “NVIDIA SHIELD Remote app” in place on any iOS or Android smartphone.

Join the identical connection as the SHIELD TV and your cell phone.

Open the SHIELD TV app, then from the list of found devices, choose SHIELD.

Input the six-digit code shown on the television screen to pair the gadget using SHIELD TV.

You can operate the SHIELD TV, run applications, and access the games you play in SHIELD faster while still using the NVIDIA SHIELD TV app.

The program provides a simple to allow you to input your login information and password into gaming services by giving you immediate access to a simulated keypad and mouse.

Why is my Nvidia Shield Remote Not Charging?

When the remote for your Nvidia Shield TV isn’t charging, disconnect it, give it an update, and then re-pair it. Refresh the controller, then Shield TV if necessary, then clean the Bluetooth cache when the issue still continues. Perform a factory reset on your Shield smart TV if all of the above methods work.

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