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The Steam Deck is Not Charging – Troubleshooting Tips and Fixes!

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It might be very aggravating if you have a problem with your Steam Deck not charging. A portable gaming system made by Valve Corporation called the Steam Deck is designed to deliver a fully immersive gaming experience. Having charging issues can interfere with your gaming and user experience as an entire. Your Steam Deck may need to be charged properly for a number of reasons. Identifying the issue and pinpointing its root cause is important to develop a proper fix that will restore your Steam Deck to normal performance. Is the steam deck not charging? We will explore more in this article.

How Do I Know If My Steam Deck is Charging?

You must be aware of whether it is charging or completely charged to manage your Steam Deck’s battery life successfully.

You can be sure the gaming sessions go on without interruption by understanding the charge signs. A button on the Steam Deck is located close to the USB-C port, and when it is not shining white, the device is fully charged.

The battery indicator will also show a green battery icon with the state ‘full’ in the settings menu. If the LED next to the USB-C connector is lit.

As a result, the Steam Deck is charging at the moment after the device is fully charged, and the LED will stay lit. You are able to effectively track the battery status of your Steam Deck by understanding these charging signs.

What Color is the Charging Light on Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck’s charge indicator is blue. When turned on, the charging light will turn on and emit a blue glow. This blue light is a charging indicator for the device. Check the progress of the charging process and make sure your Steam Deck is connected properly and receiving power by watching the charging light.

How Long does It Take to Charge the Steam Deck?

A Steam Deck normally requires two to four hours to fully charge. The exact duration depends on several variables, including the size of the device, the steam generator power, and the tank water level.

The Steam Deck can charge up to 80% of its battery capacity in around 100 minutes while it is turned on and not in use. It can take a further 80 minutes to charge fully from 80%.

It is important to remember that the Steam Deck reduces its charging rate after a specific amount of time to maintain the life of the internal lithium-ion battery.

Why is the Steam Deck Not Charging?

There are a number of potential reasons why your Steam Deck is not charging.

The USB cable, the battery, or the software itself can all be at fault. You can try a few troubleshooting techniques to solve this issue.

First, press and hold the power button to force-restart your Steam Deck. It can assist in resolving any temporary software issues. Next, ensure the device is charged for a long time because it needs extended charging to reach its functional state.

Examine the USB cable. If it seems defective or broken, think about replacing it. Advised to use the official Steam Deck charger instead of any third-party chargers because compatibility difficulties can occur with unofficial chargers.

A clogged or unclean charging port is another possible factor. Use a soft cloth to clear the port of any debris that might be obstructing the charging connection.

Advised to get the Steam Deck customer care staff for additional assistance if none of these measures succeed in fixing the problem. They can offer specific guidance and problem-solving suited to your circumstances.

You could observe the Steam Deck does not charge or show any indication of charging when attached to the cable when you are having charging issues. You might also have trouble turning on the device, seeing a blank screen, or notice the system going into sleep mode without waking up.

The most common causes for charging issues include a faulty charging cable, an issue with the device’s power strip, or a problem with the software that blocks charging. Finding the right solution to get your Steam Deck charging again will be helped by identifying the exact reason for the problem.

How To Fix Steam Deck Not Charging

How To Fix Steam Deck Not Charging?

You can try a number of troubleshooting techniques to fix your Steam Deck if it won’t charge or turn on. Here are some recommended solutions.

  • Force a Restart or Reboot – Hold down the power button for approximately 10 seconds to force restart your Steam Deck. It can assist in resolving any short-term bugs or software problems.
  • Longer Charge Periods – Make sure you are giving your device an adequate amount of time to charge. The LED indication next to the power button should be checked. A charging issue might be indicated if the LED is not lighted or remains unchanged.
  • Verify the Cable and Charger – Check for any obvious damage or loose connections on the charger and cable.

The official Steam Deck charger and cable are advised for compatibility and best charging results.

  • Clean Charging Port – Use a soft cloth or a toothpick to clean the charging port on your Steam Deck gently. Lint or accumulated debris can obstruct effective charging connections.

Using the BIOS boot options, Try holding the Volume + button when turning on your device. Choose ‘Continue’ from the BIOS choices. It can assist in avoiding any potential software problems.

Reinstall SteamOS or roll it back- If the issue still exists, consider reverting to an earlier SteamOS version or installing the Steam Deck image. You might need technical knowledge for this step. So proceed with caution or get help.

Contact support- Reaching out to the Steam Deck support team is advised if none of the above steps succeed in fixing the problem. They can offer additional direction and help to identify and fix the billing issue.

Troubleshooting procedures can change depending on the particular circumstance and program updates. For the most precise and current details. Always best to refer to the official Steam Deck documentation or get in contact with support.

Why does My Steam Deck Stop Charging at 99 Percent?

To avoid overcharging and potential battery damage, the Steam Deck turns off the charger at 99%. If the device is powered on once it reaches 100%, it will reduce the battery to about 90–93% to preserve battery life.

The device will charge 100% if you plug it in when the battery is under 90% unless you unplug it earlier. The power adapter will bypass the battery if you unplug it and plug it back in again between 90% and 100%.

Which, over time, could put a strain on the battery to avoid continuous trickle charging if the charging process is interrupted. This behavior will maximize the performance and longevity of the battery.

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