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What are Expansion Permits in Hay Day? Get More Space!

Everyone loves playing Hay Day since it is a lively farm game that contains numerous features. Among the features, expansion permits take a prominent place because you will be able to expand your farm using these permits. Thus, you can become an owner of a vast farm, can’t you? First of all, what are expansion permits in Hay Day? Today, we are going to describe what expansion permits are and how you can use them in the game. So, ready to progress on Hay Day with expansion permits!

What are Expansion Permits in Hay Day? 

Expansion permits refer to a kind of supplies on Hay Day. They enable to unlock of expansion areas that contain different decorations. So, this rare feature is significant when compared to others. If you want to unlock them, you should go to experience level 25. Expansion permits look like a scroll with a red ribbon.

They are different from other expansion items. Usually, other expansion items are stored in the bar, but expansion permits are not. And also, you cannot buy or sell expansion permits. Moreover, you cannot exchange permits with other players.

Once you can get the particular number of permits that you require to unlock all the expansion areas, you are not offered any more permits.

If you want to know the number of permits you have, tap on a locked area on the southeast side of the farm. The locked area should have access to a road. Or else, tap your level star to find the number of permits.  

How Do I Obtain Expansion Permits in Hay Day? 

There are different ways to obtain expansion permits in Hay Day. Below are those methods.

  • When there are Special Boat Events, you can earn permits.
  • When you spin the Wheel of Fortune, there is a chance to win expansion permits.
  • If you could approach flag checkpoints 4 and 7 in derbies, you can obtain permits. They only appear in derby prize columns 4 and 7. So, if you decide to reshuffle the prizes, it would be better to leave columns 4 and 7.
  • When you open Huge Boxes, there might be permits.
  • Permits can be included in Holiday Calendar Boxes on Greg’s farm.
  • When there is Valley Shop, you are allowed to buy permits. Or else, you should play a lucky bonus in Valley Daily Quest. But there, you need to reach at least the 2nd round.
  • If you pass the checkpoints on Farm Pass, you can earn permits.

At first, expansion permits were offered through mystery boxes as well. After the update, they are only offered in Huge Boxes.

Can you Purchase Expansion Permits on Hay Day?

There is no way to directly buy or exchange expansion permits. But you can buy them in the Valley shop of Hay Day Valley. Valley is a shop near the road, and it unlocks at level 25.

You cannot use normal coins to buy expansion permits; you should spend Valley currencies in order to do that.

If you are able to get enough Valley currencies, it would be better to buy the permit because it is pricier than other items from the Valley shop. And ensure to leave the Valley after you spend the money. Otherwise, you are not allowed to join the upcoming Valley season.

What Can I Use Expansion Permits for on Hay Day? 

Basically, expansion permits are used to unlock the areas on your farm. The new area will be added to your farm from the bottom side. When you unlock the area, you will see that there is a special decoration that helps to improve your farm. Permits can be used to expand 47 special lands on your farm.

Depending on your farm size, you will need Land Deeds, Mallets, or Marker Stakes to expand the farm area. These types of supplies can be activated from level 22. But you need to go to level 25 to unlock the areas that have special decorations.

After you unlock all the areas using all your expansion permits, permits will disappear. You will come across some other advanced features when you level up the game further. For example, there are fishing spots when you unlock the lake at level 27.

How Many Expansion Permits Do I Need to Expand My Farm in Hay Day? 

There are 50 expansion areas. You will need 643 expansion permits to clear all those areas. You can find the map that marks all the expansion areas on Hay Day’s official website. But remember that you need to go to level 25 to enable this feature.

After you unlock all the expansion limits, they will no longer be visible in your farm since you have already passed the particular level of the game.

What is the 80 Limit on Hay Day? 

There is a daily limit of 80 for expansions and upgrade materials on Hay Day. You are not allowed to purchase the expansion more than this limit. But there are some tricks you can do to get more than 80 expansions on Hay Day.

Buy expansions and materials you need every day up to 79. After that, you need to make the most of the last one. It means you should purchase a stack of 10 materials using the last chance.

What is the 80 Limit on Hay Day

Then you will have 89 materials. Or else, you can escape from the purchase limit by continuously growing wheat on Hay Day; it is the fastest harvest on Hay Day, so you can sell them as much as you want to purchase the materials as you wish.

How to Get Unlimited Money on Hay Day? 

The most common way to earn money on Hay Day is by selling the harvest. After you harvest something, replant and sell it. The fastest-growing plant is wheat, so you can easily gather coins from wheat. Sometimes, there are orders from outsiders, so you can sell the harvest for them too.

There are also different kinds of tools on the internet that can plant the field for you. If you download one of them, you do not need to bother with planting; it will work on the farm for you.

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