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What Power Supply Do I Need for RTX 3060? (What You Need to Know)

Powerful graphics cards like the NVIDIA RTX 3060 are made for both professionals and gamers. It claims to give top-notch visuals and fluid gameplay thanks to its cutting-edge technologies. However, among the most crucial things to think about when buying a graphics card concerns power usage. What power supply do I need for RTX 3060?

The following piece will examine the RTX 3060’s power use in more detail and how it affects performance. Anyone searching to buy an RTX 3060 will find thorough guidance on this page.

What does a Graphic Card’s Adequate Power Supply Matter?

In general, a contemporary PC’s graphics card will have the highest power consumption. Luckily, there are many different types of graphics cards. Several problems might occur if the power supply is insufficient for your GPU.

In the initial place, you can just discover that using the GPU on the machine leads to a black screen or if the PC won’t turn on at all.

When your GPU is appropriately taxed and tries to draw power that isn’t present, you’re almost certainly to have a complete system catastrophe. If you can boot into Windows sans experiencing a crash, then GPU is probably operating at or near the bottom end of its electrical capacity limit.

The best course of action in this circumstance is to either remove some of the additional power hogs within your system, such as a lot of storage devices or just discover and upgrade to a stronger, better-performing power supply. That’s in addition to low volting the video card to fit your system’s power needs.

What Power Supply Do I Need for RTX 3060?

Nvidia suggests using at least 550W. Naturally, it depends on how the rest of the equipment is configured. The amount of electricity needed to operate an RTX 3060 video card is dependent upon a lot of variables, including the other parts of your computer, how much power your CPU uses, how many optical drives you have, and other devices.

The RTX 3060 needs an electrical source with an adequate power of 550 watts because, according to Nvidia’s published specs, it has a maximum video card that draws 170 watts.

Yet, if you want to overclock the GPU or choose other outstanding performance parts, it is advised to select a source of electricity with a greater wattage rating for greater effectiveness and reliability.

For the majority of gaming rigs using an RTX 3060 gpu card, a 650-watt generator of the highest caliber ought to be plenty.

Yet, you might want to think about a larger wattage source of power, including an 800-watt along with a 1000-watt single one, when you have many other outstanding performance parts, or you intend to use the graphics card heavily.

What Characteristics should a Power Source for an RTX 3060 Have?

While it only happens when speed surges, the RTX 3060’s real maximum power draw is somewhere between 190 and 200 Watts; this is done as a safety measure to prevent card damage.

In order to have some breathing room in case your computer’s power usage rises when you are striving hard, try to get a power supply that has 20% more watts than you require. If your computer’s RTX 3060 is equipped with a TGP of 170, you ought to also be aware of the other parts of it.

How Do you Know Whether your Power Supply is Capable of Supporting a Graphics Card?

Measuring the whole power usage of your computer structure, comprising the GPU, will reveal this.

If the sum of the estimated watts is less than your existing power supply results, the power supply will have no trouble handling the GPU. However, if it isn’t, you’ll need to get a brand-new, appropriate PSU for the graphics card in question.

This is how to figure out your GPU’s PSU

Do some online research to find out how much energy your RAM, SSD, casing fans, as well as cooler consume.

Now seek up the GPU’s power usage on the manufacturer’s website or in the user guide.

Calculate the number of RAMs plus SSDs you possess. Add their combined wattages to the wattages used by the graphics card.

To perform all the aforementioned computations, you may also utilize the online electrical power converter. For a calculation, all you need to do is enter the number of fans, chillers, graphics cards, CPUs, and other equipment. It will automatically determine how much power supply your system needs.

How Can I Tell Whether My PSU is GPU Compatible with One Another

How Can I Tell Whether My PSU is GPU Compatible with One Another?

The simplest approach to determine whether the power supply is suitable with the GPU was to look at the pin connections it allows, specifically whether it accepts 6-pin or 8-Pin connections.

When your GPU accepts 8-Pin connections but your PSU only has 6-Pin connections, your GPU won’t function. You must also figure out how much electricity your GPU needs.

Recommended RTX 3060-compatible Particular Power Supply Types

The SuperNOVA line includes the EVGA SuperNOVA 650 P2, making EVGA the clear champion at almost every wattage. Given that it has an 80 PLUS Platinum rating, you may anticipate 92% performance at half load.

It also includes a completely modular design and the ECO Mode blade control mechanism for comparatively quiet operation. Additionally, the 650 P2 has a 10-year warranty.

Another excellent option in the 650 W PSU class includes the Dark Power Pro 11 650W. The Silent Wings 3 ventilator, which runs with little noise, bears up to the brand’s name.

Fully flexible and rated 80 PLUS Platinum for energy efficiency, the dark-colored Power Pro 11 650 W is available. This renders the RTX 3060 a wonderful suggestion, especially since everything is covered by a 5-year guarantee.

The Seasonic PRIME Ultra 650W makes the perfect 650W PSU for anyone willing to spend more for the greatest features. This PRIME Ultra 650W is another excellent PSU from Seasonic.

Given that it has an 80 PLUS Titanium performance rating and is a completely modular PSU, you may feel confident that it will be able to run whatever RTX 3060 variation you toss at it.

Additionally, it has a 12-year guarantee and top-notch features, including premium capacitors plus gold-plated connectors.

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